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Live role-playing or LARP (in English live action role-playing) is a form of role-playing game in which the representation of the characters by the players is carried out in real time and in a staged way, sometimes even with appropriate attire, such as costumes and harmless replicas of swords or other weapons. In contrast, in traditional role-playing games (commonly called "tabletop role-playing games") the players sit around a table and perform their characters only orally.

In this category you will find hundreds of products related to Larp or Live Role to bring your character to life.

Medieval Armoury has a large catalog of products from medieval metal armor, medieval leather armor, to medieval or latex weapons, medieval axes, banners and even tents for your LARP events.

Live RPGs share the interpretation of characters with tabletop RPGs, but unlike these, players must carry out their actions rather than declare them. Live role players act, move, speak, and act out their character as an actor on stage. While in the table role the action takes place in the imagination of the players, in the live role the action is represented physically. For this reason, the interpretation of the roles prevails over the narration of the story, which places the live role closer to the theater than to the "storytelling" aspect of the tabletop role.

In the live role there is no audience, everyone is part of the performance. A game can involve between a few and several thousand players, and it can take place in both public and private spaces, indoors or outdoors. It can also last from a few hours to several days, in which the game is usually interrupted to eat, sleep or rest.
Brand: Epic Armoury
The new medieval Alaric Chainmail is a flexible mail armour shirt made from linked steel rings. The chainmail covers the vital parts of the body from the shoulder to the thighs, and has longer sleeves protecting the arms to the wrists. Each butted ring interlocks with four other rings in a 4-in-1 ma..
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Brand: Epic Armoury
This beautifull Ancient larp Spear is a long, leaf-shaped Roman spear perfect for your next medieval reenactment or LARP character. The spear is manufactured with lots of personality, including a spearhead featuring a golden fuller. These details continue down the pole with gorgeous brass-coloured b..
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Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Archer Quiver is a stylish tapering quiver for carrying a supply of arrows on your trips. It's constructed of chrome-tanned plated-leather with a soft split-leather exterior and fits most LARP arrows. This quiver is adorned with ornamental split-leather patches to give it a more refined appearan..
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Brand: Epic Armoury
Arm Protection Drake is a set of steel vambraces designed to protect the forearms during combat. These vambraces are designed to sit comfortably on the forearm, stretching from the elbow and narrowing at the wrists, with rounded edges and scale-like ridges. A top-grain leather strap below the elbow ..
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