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Size Guide ᐉ Medieval Armoury


Due to the complex sizes of our dresses, tabards, we don´t have a specific UNIVERSAL SIZE.

Please check the sizes in each product to find the right size for you.

There are clothing you can wear saggy and others designed to mark your figure.

Remember, an "S" size can be a "L" in our shop, therefore, pease do always check our sizes before you buy Medieval Armoury clothing.


All measurements used in our website are always in cms. Each handmade product can have slight deviation in pattern, size, colour and shape.


The way you measure every part of your body depends on the part itself. 

There are straight measurements and circumference measurements.

See our SIZE GUIDE to know how to measure and choose the best sized clothing for you.

N.1 - Shoulders Size

This measurement is done from joint-to-joint. Place where your shoulder meets the top of your arm, or, the boniest part of your shoulder. From there, holding the tape taut, they should stretch the tape straight across to the tip of your other shoulder blade. The measurement is your shoulder width.

N.2 - Chest Size

This measurement is done by wrapping a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. Remember, measure the circumference for this size.

N.3 - Waist Size

Wrap a tape measure at the top of your hip bone and over your belly button.

Place one finger between the tape measure and your body as a buffer so that your pants don’t fit too tight.

Don’t suck in your belly when taking this measurement—your waistline will thank you.

N.4 - Hip Size

Locate the correct area of your hips - the widest point around your buttocks. Your hip measurement should include your buttocks and hips.

Hold the start of the tape measure on one hip, wrap it around your buttocks and around your other hip and then back to where you started.

Ensure the tape is held snugly around your skin, but resist the temptation to pull it too tightly. Make sure the tape is level and not twisted.

N.5 - Sleeve Size

Measure from your shoulder joint to the end of your wrist, where your hand begins. Hold the measure tape in a straight line.

N.6 - Trousers Size

This measure is done with 2 steps. Waist and Height size.

Wrap around the waist the measuring tape and remember your size is cms.

Place the measuring tape in a straight line beginning in the same waist line you measured before, untill your foot.

You should have AAAcms (Waist) X BBBcms (Height)

N.7 - Full Height Size

This measure is done for one piece armours, dresses, tabards, capes, etc.....

Place the measure tape at the same level as your middle space beetween neck and end of shoulder.

Extende the measure tape in a straight line untill the floor or the height shown in the outfit. This will be the height of the clothing.

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