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Suburito, Training Weapon | Bokken

Suburito, Training Weapon | Bokken
The suburito is a unique ancient training weapon designed to mimic the weight of a real Japanese sword. It was designed primarily for solo practice or cutting drills, and it commands respect due to its tremendous force.

A wooden suburito in Aikido 5th Dan Andrew Demko's private collection inspired Cold Steel's rendition. After months of training with it, Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson decided to build one for the company.

Cold Steel's Suburito is made of pure high-strength polypropylene and has a long handle and square tip. It is extremely resistant to breaking and will never shrink, rust, fracture, or splinter like a wooden suburito. It's designed to last a long time and, if used correctly, will undoubtedly improve your swordsmanship.

The five major precepts of Japanese sword cutting are engraved in Kanji characters on it, and it has an attractive wood grain finish (circular motion, blage angle, cutting trajectory, distancing and wringing the tea cloth).
General Specifications
Material Polypropylene
Length 114.3 cm
Weight 1.1 Kgs

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