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Stands and Cleaning kits ᐉ Japanese Weapons ᐉ Medieval Armoury ⚔✔

Supports and cleaning kits for katana, wakizashi, and tanto. Support for katana fashioned of wood or metal. Floor supports, wall supports and table supports. All options available. Supports for katanas at best price.

Samurai swords should be displayed rather than stuffed into the back of your closet, and the Shikoto Lonquan Master Three-Sword Display Stand is the perfect method to do so. The stand is made of solid wood and has a matte black finish, and it can accommodate three swords horizontally. The tabletop d..
Ex Tax:28.92€
Brand: Hanwei
This Stand is perfectly suited for presenting two Katana, Wakizashi or other Japanese swords.It is made of black lacquered wood. Each support rail is lined for the protection of the finish...
Ex Tax:24.79€
Brand: Amont
Katana cleaning set to keep the katana in perfect condition.It is presented in a wooden box and this cleaning kit for katanas includes : oil, oil application knob, two wooden pins and rice paper...
Ex Tax:13.14€
Brand: Amont
Katana stand with two levels, made of black wood and red velvet.The katana rests on the upper level and the sheath rests on the lower level.The open katana is displayed...
Ex Tax:8.26€
Brand: Hanwei
Specially designed for the Hanwei Shuihi Tachi, this hardwood sword stand is also an excellent display for any Katana or Tachi. The black-lacquered display stand features attractive scroll decoration around a central Mon...
Ex Tax:107.43€
Brand: Amont
Katana stander for one closed katana, made of black wood and red velvet...
Ex Tax:8.18€
Brand: Hanwei
This stand is ideal for displaying a Katana, Wakizashi, or any other Japanese sword.It's composed of lacquered black wood. The finish is protected by lining the support rail...
Ex Tax:16.52€
Brand: Hanwei
The stand for the Hsu Quandao is crafted in solid oak and displays the weapon beautifully in the vertical position.Also suitable for other Asian Polearms...
Ex Tax:137.11€
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