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Buy Medieval Stands and Utensils in Wrought Iron ᐉ Medieval Armoury

We have a very good catalog of several Roman, Viking, and Medieval utensils in wrough iron, as we have also kitchen utensils. The forged iron is authentic, made in europe by Medieval Armoury, with the same materials and in the same way the original cooking utensils were. Our catalog includes cutlery, pots, kettles, hangers, buckels, fire utensils, and more were made.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and revive the real middle ages? Cook and eat with our food safe utensils. Hang your drinking horn with our wrough iron supports. Outstanding reenactment functional replicas and for larpers too.

Don´t miss the oportunity to own a piece of history.

This completely working replica of a historical ball and chain is perfectly suited to symbolize punishment for crimes in a variety of historical eras. It's built of solid steel and has an old look to it...
Ex Tax:49.58€
Brand: Ulfberht
The model for this reconstruction can be found in the Lübecker Holstentor museum's torture chamber.The neck cuff is made out of two semicircular pieces of flat steel that were hand-forged. As a result, it can be folded and secured with a threaded bolt. The ideal addition to any medieval reenactment ..
Ex Tax:28.09€
Fully functional, heart-shaped or leaf-shaped padlock in medieval style, with 12cms height.Very sturdy construction, the hand-forged shackle and all parts are riveted...
Ex Tax:14.04€
Brand: Ulfberht
Three forged keys in historical style attached with a ring. This is a handsome accessory for LARP and reenactment...
Ex Tax:18.10€
Brand: Epic Armoury
This Camp Warmer with Metal Tray is a Roman inspired fire basket, designed for camping use on open ground, this camp warmer can be used to provide fire or light to your freezing sentries. The steel base is a 40 cm wide tray with a metal grip top, fitted to a steel fire basket reinforced with a metal..
Ex Tax:72.73€
Medieval Cutlery Set of 3 pcs Medieval Cutlery Set of 3 pcs
Medieval Cutlery set of 3 pcsHand-forged in steel following original sample.3 pieces : knife, fork, spoonMeasurements:Length knife: approx. 24 cmLength fork: approx. 24 cmLength spoon: approx. 21 cmLegal notice : Should not be used for direct contact with food...
Ex Tax:13.63€
Brand: Epic Armoury
This medieval Cutlery with Leather pouch is a set of eating utensils, including a knife, spoon and two-pronged fork. Made from rough, darkened steel, each handle is uniquely wrought near the head and end to give it character and a superior grip.This Cutlery is safe to use and perfect when you want t..
Ex Tax:33.88€
Our reproductions of historical Medieval Foot Cuffs with Chains are fully functional and suitable for several eras. They are forged from solid steel and antique-finished.Perfecto for historical reenactment and larp events...
Ex Tax:28.84€
Brand: Ulfberht
The master of our medieval reproduction can be seen in the torture chamber at the medieval Holstentor museum in Lübeck, northern Germany.The cuff is hand-forged from three pieces of flat steel. The ends of the hinges are welded together. As a result, the handcuff is both foldable and completely func..
Ex Tax:35.95€
Medieval Handcuffs Medieval Handcuffs
Fully functional medieval steel handcuffs and adjustable in size.Material: steelMax. length: approx. 27 cmInner circumference: approx. 23 cmInner diameter: approx. 7.5 cmWeight: approx. 0.6 kg..
Ex Tax:14.87€
The handcuffs and padlock are both completely functional replicas of medieval handcuffs. A great dungeon requirement. The handcuffs are made of solid steel and polished in an antique style...
Ex Tax:15.62€
Round and fully functional medieval padlock with two keys. Very sturdy construction, all parts are riveted. The padlock has a black coating...
Ex Tax:13.21€
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