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Medieval Armoury UK | About Us | Manufacturer & Online Medieval Shop!

Who we are...

The “Medieval Armoury Crew” consists of people who enjoy and have the Medieval Reenactment and Larp scene as a way of life.

We are huge enthusiasts of the medieval epoch and our goal is to offer you the best medieval equipment with the highest rigor. 

We do have a good time at Medieval Armoury and luckly we can spend it next to lots of friends and clients in all major events, doing something that fills us and at the same time providing those who need swords, helmets, armours, clothing, etc...

We like good craftsmanship and charming details, therefore we manufacture and sell perfect products for you and your needs. We sell and build durable products from high quality materials with careful workmanship and a beautiful design. We don't want or need to have 25.000 products, we want and sell 5.000 amazing products.

Nevertheless, it is also our goal to manufacture affordable products for everyone. To do this, we will build up an extensive product range, and work directly with manufacturers and craftmans. Everyone can, and will find the right equipment for their taste and wallet (ofcourse).

Why we do what we do...

Medieval Reenactment and Larp are the largest theater in the world, and you are part of it.

Countless amazing events with their participants and manufacturers have turned castles, campsites, entire regions into battle fields or medieval recreations for insane experiences. Anyone who has ever been part of such an event knows how addicting this personal experiences are. This gives you the feeling of virtual reality, the feeling that you make part of a movie, a life, an epic adventure. We have made Medieval Armoury to develop, manufacture and sell the right equipment for this special "Special Life Movie".


The medieval shop and supplier for medieval reenactment, LARP and softcombat

When you go to a medieval, larp or softcombat online store, you want and need to find products related with your activity. From medieval reenactment to Fantasy, latex weapons, larp shields, medieval and larp clothing, tactical for softcombat, etc. Medieval and Larp brands products such as Battle Merchant, Medieval Armoury, Epic Armory, Mytholon, and much more. You can find in our website, any product for live role playing and medieval reenactment.

Why are we one of the best online shops in Europe?

At Medieval Armoury , our biggest concern is to offer you the best variety of products for medieval reenactment and live larp and action role playing without forgetting the quality.  Not only that, we also have all kinds of medieval weapons and accessories that you might need. As we said, Our main concern is to offer you the product you want, with the high-quality you deserve. We do supply lots of shops around Europe, and we supply Events Organizers.

Buy swords for medieval reenactment or live action role play

Medieval Reenactment Swords are made of steel, some Stainless Steel others Carbon Steel. We do have all the medieval swords described with the type, material and category. You can safely buy medieval swords from our catalog and expect the best.

Live Action Role Play Swords : The most important thing is safety. Larp swords are made of latex with a fiberglass rod inside them and tested for safety as for durability. We have many types of weapons filtered by it´s quality, toughness and price. 

Medieval clothing for man, woman and children

Medieval Armoury is a well recognized medieval clothing manufacturer in Europe, not only for larp, but also for medieval re-enactments, and including museums. We manufacture medieval clothing for men, women and children. We also sell from our partners at a lower scale. Are you looking for medieval cloaks, shirts, pants, tabards, shoes, belts, bags? 

Unfortunately, in 2021 its becoming a trend for everyone selling medieval clothing saying they manufacture. Wrong. 95% of online shops import clothing from Turquia, Pakistán (and growing) China and India. All depends if you want or need high-quality clothing or low price quality clothing, historicaly accurate medieval reenactment or fantasy polyester mixed cotton products. We manufacture, personalize and supply every group, association, official templar organization and any military order seeking Historical Accuracy.

In 2021, Medieval Armoury became a recognized manufacturer of clothing for some European Military Orders, including Templars orders. Some of them we proudly say, are officialized by the Vatican itself. Their clothing are patented and their Coat of Arms logo also patented. Medieval Armoury is their official medieval provider.
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