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The saber is a curved and (generally) single-edged white weapon, intended to cut, commonly used in cavalry and infantry (officers) in the 19th and even 20th centuries. This curved character of the blade and its unique edge, traditionally differentiates the saber from the sword.

This white weapon is cut and arose from the need for speed in combat. This is achieved by cutting and not leaving the blade embedded in the opponent's body (unlike most one-handed swords, which are thrust).

The curvature, which is generally located from the tip to the middle of the saber, generates a deep gash.

The curvature of the saber is supposed to achieve, in theory, that a man on horseback, when unloading his arm with this weapon, draws a wide circle over the infant, making the saber always tangential at the cutting point. For this reason it is not skewered, but cuts, thereby increasing the wound without stabbing the weapon. Because of this, sabers designed for cavalry have a great curvature, they are almost circular; those designed for infantry have a lower curvature, since importance must be given to the defensive function: to keep the enemy away and stop their blows.

The modern saber is, along with the epee and foil, one of the three fencing weapons. Derived from the weapon used by cavalry soldiers. It has a bowl-shaped guard, which curves under the hand, and a T-shaped blade in cross section. The length of the saber is 90 cm and its maximum weight is 500 g. The headdresses or points can be obtained by striking with the tip or by producing a cut with the edge of the blade. The valid target is the entire body from the waist up, including the head and arms. Saber rounds are the fastest and most agile in fencing, so they require good physical form.

American Saber 1840 American Saber 1840
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
During the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War, this sabel was carried by American soldiers for more than 70 years. From the ricasso to the tip, the single-edged blade has a large groove. The fist is rimmed and the entire handle is brass. A kidney-shaped hand guard protects the ..
103.69€ 121.99€
Ex Tax:85.70€
Brand: Kingston Arms
This blade was inspired by both cutlasses and earlier German "großes Messer" blades used up until the late 16th century. The blade has a massive sharp edge on the front and an unsharpened fake edge on the rear. The sword is light and swift overall, with three fullers. This one-of-a-kind sword is fin..
Ex Tax:400.74€
A straight, single-edged EN45 spring steel blade is fullered around two-thirds of the way along the length of the rebuild we provide here. The edge is around 1 mm thick when it is not honed. The hilt has a knuckle-bow and a large, bowl-shaped guard plate that closely resembles the designs found on h..
Ex Tax:90.90€
The exquisite details contained in this officially approved U.S.M.C. Ceremonial Sword will appeal to any historian and sword collector. This attractive Ceremonial Sword has an elegant and antique appearance, with a 440 stainless steel blade with intricate scrollwork motifs and a United States Marine..
Ex Tax:70.17€
Brand: Ulfberht
The falchion is a single-edged blade that was primarily employed by foot warriors in the late Middle Ages as a secondary weapon.The ULFBERTH® forge provides a practical blunt replica that is appropriate for battle re-enactment at a great price with this offering. The blade was made of hand-forged 55..
Ex Tax:132.22€
Light Cavalry Saber Light Cavalry Saber
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
The blade of this Light Cavalry saber is made of 1065 high carbon steel. Steel sheath and wire-wrapped leather handle.The M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber's hand-forged blade is British Mil-Spec steel that must flex more than 20 degrees before returning to its original position. Leather is used for the ha..
135.14€ 158.99€
Ex Tax:111.69€
This Prussian Cavalry Sabre replica's blade is made from high carbon steel and hand-polished. It hasn't been honed in any way. Steel is used for the hilt as well as the scabbard. Leather is wrapped around the grip.The Blücher Sabre is based on an English sabre that was used by the Light Dragoons as ..
Ex Tax:87.52€
A nice, affordable replica of a 19th century Prussian light cavalry officer's sabre, also known as a lion's head sabre due to the pommel's unique design.Hand-forged from quality high carbon steel, the blade is gently bent and unsharpened. The blade's whole tang is screwed to the pommel, and the blun..
Ex Tax:42.97€
Replica of a military shashka of the Russian dragoons  1811 model. It has a wooden handle and a brass handguard with the typical ring at the end, and also comes with a matching, leather-wrapped wooden scabbard with brass fittings.The shascka (Circassian for long knife) is a sabre of Caucasian o..
Ex Tax:102.47€
Russian shashka sabre replica. The Schascka (Circassian for "long knife") is a Caucasian-made sabre. The classic sabre is still used as a standard weapon in the cavalry formations of the Cossacks that live there.This reproduction has a leather-wrapped hardwood scabbard with brass fittings and a wood..
Ex Tax:104.05€
Saber of the Pirate Edward Teach "Blackbeard" Saber of the Pirate Edward Teach "Blackbeard"
Brand: Denix
Saber of the Pirate Edward Teach "Blackbeard"Reproduction of a pirate saber made of metal.Between the 16th and 19th centuries, pirates ravaged the maritime traffic and metropolitan ports in America, and in the early 18th century, they placed their bases on the island of New Providence, in the Bahama..
Ex Tax:0.00€
The Persians used "shamshir" or scimitar, which were saber-like swords.The blade of our Persian scimitar is narrow, single-edged, and has a lengthy fuller. It is parallel for about half of its length before tapering to a point and curving simultaneously. These razor-sharp weapons were created for mo..
Ex Tax:177.69€
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