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Prussian Cavalry Sabre | Sables

Prussian Cavalry Sabre | Sables

This Prussian Cavalry Sabre replica's blade is made from high carbon steel and hand-polished. It hasn't been honed in any way. Steel is used for the hilt as well as the scabbard. Leather is wrapped around the grip.

The Blücher Sabre is based on an English sabre that was used by the Light Dragoons as early as 1796 and had a stirrup-shaped hilt, which was also distinctive of the Prussian evolution of light weapons. The M 1811 sabre is also known as the Blücher Sabre. Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher was the most popular leader of the German campaign against Napoleon, earning the nickname Marschall Vorwärts or Pascholl from his fellow soldiers during the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig in 1813. The city of Berlin erected a statue in his honor in 1826, with his figure holding the hilt of a M 1811 sabre down to the ground. In 1813/14, the Prussian light cavalry used this sabre as their main weapon. Blücher Sabres were carried by the Prussian Hussars, as well as the Dragoons, Uhlans, and Horse Artillery Gunners.

General Specifications
Material High Carbon Steel
Length 100 cms
Scabbard Including matching steel scabbard
Sharp No
Blade Size 85 cms
Weight 1.05 Kgs

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