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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ᐉ Medieval Armoury

General FAQ

Yes, and we advise it. Opening an account will allow you to place orders without having to fill in all your details every time you shop with us, and it will give you benefits such as order tracking, periodic newsletters and ... (our favorite!) Exclusive discounts and special offers.

At Medieval Armoury, we accept the following forms of payment: Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

  • Bank Transfer : This payment method can take up to 4 days to be complete, therefore, we only will start processing your order when we receive the payment.
  • PayPal : It is a fast and secure way to buy your products. PayPal saves all your data, so you only need an email and a password to complete your order online safely. Medieval Armoury will not have access to your payment cards.

Medieval Armoury is a global platform that offers the clients the best worldwide product at the best price.

Some items can be shipped directly with Nacex, MRW o Fedex. Usually Medieval Armoury uses Nacex. The delivery may require confirmation by signature depending on the delivery service used.

  • Standard Shipping - To keep shipping costs low, sometimes even at €0, customers generally choose an economical shipping option. It takes about 24 to 48 starting when the product is shipped.
  • Express - An expedited shipping method. More expensier than Standard Shipping, but allows you to have your product in a record time. Usually delivered until maximum 14h (2 p.m.).
  • Pack Pickup - This option allows you to pick up your order when it arrives your central transport agency. Big cities sometimes deliver in the same day, but we can´t promise.

We offer a delivery time of 24 - 48 working hours when the product is in stock. If it is not in stock, there are some processes to dealt with which makes the delivery longer. In both cases, the expected delivery date calculated based on the availability of the items appears throughout the product page and purchase process.

Sometimes, production times vary according to the finishes and quantities requested. We do depend of some external factors such as availability in provider, transport, etc.

We know most of our loyal customers shop sensibly and only return when it needs to be returned. We understand that, sometimes, what arrives is not exactly what you expected and you need to return it. That's fine.

The return clause is very unlikely to affect you. It helps Medieval Armoury start the conversation with the few shoppers out there that are ordering very often and returning almost every item. We can’t ignore the impact this is having on our environment and the hassle for all parties.

The clause may be activated if we notice an unusual pattern of returns activity that doesn’t feel right. For example, if we suspect someone is wearing the items and returning them - or ordering and returning a lot more than a loyal customer would order - then we might have to deactivate the account and any associated accounts. If this happens to you and you think we've made a mistake, please get in touch with Customer Service and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You have 15 days to return or complaint about a product.
  • Exchanges. You can order the new item and send back the one you don’t want. But, it will only be accepted IF its perfect (bag, label) as it was on the day we shipped.
  • The items you return are your responsibility until we get them back, so it’s best to follow your package to protect them from damage and lost.
  • We refund items at the price you bought them – this includes sale items.
  • All items are inspected when we get them back.

We don´t accept returns or exchanges on the following products :


You can inform us about the Return using the return formular : Here!


A Partner/Influencer of Medieval Armoury is a person who has the will to spread Medieval Armoury effect to other people. Making the Medieval Armoury brand extremly well recognized and known on the medieval and larp world. It´s about growing using Medieval Armoury.
There is lots of ways to earn from our Partner/Influencer Program. 

  • You will start immediately earning money from your links. Currently a standard Partnet/Influencer earns 3% of the sell he generates.
  • With time, if we see your will and interest, you can request items to produce videos, reviews, and fotos.
  • Like in the point above, you will get discounts, offers, and recognition in all Medieval Armoury platforms.
  • When we do events, you will be rewarded with free tickets

As you see, we take good care of you.

Yes and No...let us explain.... 

Everyone is entitled to apply for the Partner/Influencer Program, but we will accept or not your application.

We will check all your social network urls and see the audience, the will, the trust, the way you manage your followers and mostly important, how you do interact with them.

Medieval Armoury cares and protects their clients as they should be treated, as the most important asset of the brand. Therefore we will NOT accept and even WILL publicly condem all kinds of :

  • Call to violence (freedom of speech we will tolerate, violence never, we will redirect to authorities)
  • Racism against all colors, people, religions or whatever (we will redirect to authorities)
  • Animal Violence or mistreat (we will redirect to authorities)
  • Children abuse (we will redirect to authorities)

Included on those are too :

  • Bad use of the brand Medieval Armoury
  • Wrong advertising about our procducts
  • False and Deceiving Marketing
  • If you are allready working with another brand (same theme market)

First of all....Welcome to Medieval Armoury Team!!!!

We will process all applications on the same day they arrive, it demands an great effort from our part, but you will get an answer in a record time, usually in a couple of hours.

No matter if the answer is YES or NO, we do promise an answer and explanation in case of denial.

We are Medieval Armoury, the Medieval History Provider!

You can proceed with registration : Here!

Product Pre-Order

A Pre-Order product is a product made for yourself, by the mark manufacturers. There is no serial manufacturing included, and usually takes several people in several manufacturing step and efforts to make it.

Usually "PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS" are products wich the manufacturer don´t have it in sotk at the warehouse, because of the high costs of manufacturing, handle, storage.

At Medieval Armoury these products are marked with the shipping label : Pre-Order (1 Month).

Think of this items like Limited Editions, manufactured to a very few type of special clients, just like you.
Unfortunately, sometimes things don't work as you would like to and you want/need to cancel the order.

In either cases, this is how your decision will affect the regular fucntionality of Pre-Orders:

  • The brand invested in material to make your order
  • Several stages and personal required to do your order
  • Logistics and project manager checking fabrication of the order
  • Order management by Medieval Armoury with advanced payment
  • Shipping management from Manufacturer - Medieval Armoury - Client : Manufacturing - Storage - Shipping - Storage - Shipping- Transport - Client Delivery process.

Due to this domino's effect of the cancelation, Medieval Armoury will refund 100% of the paied amount if :

  • The cancelation was made until a maximum of 48h later than the order.
  • The order took more than 1 week (working days) from the "Estimed Shipping Date". We guarantee the shipping in the estimated date, but not the transport problems and delays.

All other cases, the refund will be of 50% of the order paied amount.

Special Product/Auction

Medieval Armoury sells products from manufacturers, from brands all over the world, but we do have collectors and people searching for limited edition products and rarities.

Other people just don´t need their products anymore and use Medieval Armoury platform to sell it.

The prices are calculated for Flash Sale : with limited countdown time.

The Special Products have a time displayed in the product page, but careful with :

  • The time is ticking and when it ends, it is the end of the auction.
  • 99% of the time, these are limited products. This means that maybe (most certain) they will never be available again.
  • The prices in the products are for FLASH SALE, therefore do not ask discounts. 

All of this means that, as soon as you see the product, buy it or most likely you will problably never have another chance.

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