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31 Aug THE FIRST TEMPLAR NATION -  Learn how the Knights Templar created Europe's first nation-state and a refuge for the Grail
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According to conventional history, the Knights Templar were founded in Jerusalem in 1118 by nine knights. But what if it can be established that the O..
24 Aug Calígula, depraved, insane and a killer, or not? The REAL STORY of the ROMAN EMPEROR Calígula.
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Do you know the true story of Caligula, the Roman emperor who wanted to appoint his horse consul?Caligula is one of the most notable examples of an em..
23 Aug Vegvísir should not be associated with the Viking Age, but why? Origins, meanings, uses, misconceptions. Viking Blog Medieval Armoury
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A symbol that became known among individuals who are interested in Norse mythology as "vegvísir" (literally, "The pointer of the road," or "Wayfinder"..
21 Aug King Richard I, The Lionheart : Newborn, The Crusades, The Prison, The Return and The Death of a King
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A NEWBORN KINGRichard Plantagenet is regarded as one of England's greatest warrior rulers, yet his most well-known nickname is "the absent king." This..
21 Aug The Popes of the Templar Era: The Chronology by Medieval Armoury
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There were 37 men who held the keys of St. Peter and donned the papal hat in the two centuries between the First Crusade and Jacques de Molay's execut..
13 Aug TOMAR (Portugal), The Last refuge of the Knights Templar! | Medieval History Blog
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With about 40,000 residents, Tomar (formerly Thomar) is a Portuguese city that is a part of the Center area, the District of Santarém, and the Medio T..
06 Aug How many types of medieval swords you Know? Take a look to our list!
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Although they finally emerged concurrently with medieval armor, medieval swords were the primary weapon used by knights.Weapons like the greatsword, l..
28 Jul The joke that killed spanish king Martín I de Aragón
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Martin I of Aragon, also known as the Human or the Old (Gerona, July 29, 1356-Barcelona, May 31, 1410), was King of Aragon, Valencia, Mallorca, Sardin..
26 Jul Rebel Moon from Netflix with Medieval Armoury (Spain). The Zack Snyder's new movie.
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For fans of director Zack Snyder, the man behind 'Justice League Snyder Cut,' a new science fiction film set apart from the world of 'Army of the Dead..
13 Jul Do you know the Kabutowari? The Helmet Breaker as it was called in Medieval Times
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The Kabutowari (Japanese:, lit. "helmet breaker" or "skull breaker"), also known as hachiwari, was a knife-shaped weapon that was similar to a jitte i..
10 Jul Gualdim Pais, founder of Tomar, crusader, Templar Friar, and Knight
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Gualdim Pais (Amares, 1118 – Tomar, 1195), the founder of Tomar, was a Portuguese crusader, Templar friar, and knight of Alfonso I of Portugal.He foug..
05 Jul Pope's Pardon of the Templars, the Vatican Archives
OTSMA 0 1460
The discovery of Vatican documents proving the mass slaughter of the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages on the grounds of "heresy, idolatry, and sexua..
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