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Functional Katana, Tameshigiri Edition | Katanas

Functional Katana, Tameshigiri Edition | Katanas

Tameshigiri 試切 is the art of testing Japanese swords. From the period of the Kingdoms to the beginning of the Edo period, cutting tests were carried out in various places for the purpose of training in martial arts and especially a verification of the performance of the blades. Nowadays, cutting tests are done on tatami-Omotes made of rice straw or reed straw, sometimes both by including a bamboo rod in the Tatami, to reproduce the texture of a human limb.

Katana Tameshigiri Edition from the Bushiden brand was designed for two-handed cutting.

High carbon (1.00%) T10 blade with genuine Hamon.


  • Nagasa (Blade length from hilt): ~74.5cm
  • Sori (Curvature): about 1.7 cm / 0.66 inch.
  • Moto-Kasane (Thickness at the base): about 7.5 mm.
  • Saki-Kasane (Thickness of the tip): about 4.5 mm.
  • Saki-Haba (Width at tip): about 23 mm.
  • Moto-Haba (Width at the base): about 31 mm.
  • Balance point (measured from Habaki): ~ 13 cm.
  • Fuchi-Kashira (Pommel): Worked with flowers
  • Tsuba (guard): in iron representing flowers
  • Tsuka (Handle): Wood, suitable for tang. Length 27cm
  • Tsuka-ito (Fabric around handle): Black Cotton.
  • Same: Real ray skin, white.
  • 2 Menuki: Brass.
  • Habaki: Brass. Made in 1 piece.
  • Seppa: Brass.
  • 2 Mekugi: Bamboo wood, Assembly according to traditional methods.
  • The 2 mekugi-ana are pierced diagonally and conically in the tang. The mekugi are fixed in opposite ways on each side.
  • Saya (Scabbard): Selected white wood, black lacquered, curved according to
  • Sori of the blade.
  • Saya with kurikata at 9 cm.
  • Sageo: black silk
  • Weight: 1090g without Saya, 1310g with Saya

Accessories included: Delivered in a protective cover

General Specifications
Material T10 high carbon (1.00%)
Length 101.5 cms
Blade Size 74.5 cms
Weight 1.31 Kgs

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