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Functional Katana, Battodo Edition | Katanas

Functional Katana, Battodo Edition | Katanas

Battodo is in Japan, a discipline in its own right. This Japanese martial art has a goal of drawing then cutting, this complementary discipline is essential to Iaido, Kendo, Kenjitsu. each batto-do technique is inspired by a katana duel between people of the same technical level. The Katas are primarily based on a practice in pairs and alone in the mind. It is important to know your sword and the techniques before moving on to the actual cut because one-handed cuts are the most difficult.

Katana Battodo Edition from the Bushiden brand has been designed for Katas, one-handed and two-handed cutting.

High carbon (1.00%) T10 blade with genuine Hamon.


  • Nagasa (Blade length from Habaki): ~ 72 cm / 28 inch.
  • Sori (Curvature): about 1.6 cm / 0.6 inch.
  • Moto-Kasane (Thickness at the base): about 7.5 mm.
  • Saki-Kasane (Thickness of the tip): about 4.2 mm.
  • Saki-Haba (Width at tip): about 23 mm.
  • Moto-Haba (Width at the base): about 32 mm.
  • Balance point (measured from Habaki): ~ 12 cm.
  • Tsuba (guard): iron
  • Fuchi-Kashira (Knob): Worked brass
  • Tsuka (Handle): Wood, suitable for tang. Length 27cm
  • Tsuka-ito (Cloth around handle): Brown cotton.
  • Same: Real ray skin, white.
  • 2 Menuki: Brass.
  • Habaki: Brass. Made in 1 piece.
  • Seppa: Brass.
  • 2 Mekugi: Bamboo wood, Assembly according to traditional methods.
  • The 2 mekugi-ana are pierced diagonally and conically in the tang. The mekugi are fixed in opposite ways on each side.
  • Saya (Scabbard): Selected white wood grained black.
  • Curved according to the Sori of the blade. Saya with kurikata.
  • Sageo: Brown Silk
  • Weight: 950 grams without Saya and 1130 grams with Saya
  • Delivered in a protective cover.
General Specifications
Material T10 high carbon (1.00%)
Length 99 cms
Blade Size 72 cms
Weight 1.14 Kgs

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