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We offer more than just medieval Axes at, you can also find this category fantastic axes. We showcase axes made by artisans, futuristic, fantasy and all types of fantastic axes. We are still adding new products to this categories everyday. 

Since primitive times Axes have been vital weapons and tools for survival and they have continued to be an important cutlery tool in modern times. Nowadays, a version of futuristic and fantastic axes are requested too.

Our selection of Fantastic Axes are handpicked from the best craftmans.

How can we help you decide the best fantastic axes to buy? Let´s us guide you.

United Cutlery's The Lord of the Rings movie reproduction is official licensed.The Bearded Axe of Gimli was the most formidable axe among those wielded by the dwarves. This expertly crafted souvenir is an authorized duplicate of the daring dwarf warrior's axe from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy...
Ex Tax:240.41€
Brand: Kit Rae
The highly popular Swords of the Ancients collection, created in 1997, has become legendary the world over among collectible sword enthusiasts who want only the finest designs and highest quality. Each features a tempered 420J2 blade and highly detailed antique finished metal handle parts, all made ..
Ex Tax:181.81€
Brand: Kit Rae
The primary weapon of the Black Legion, monstrous foot soldiers of Evruc, brought forth from the bowels of Ammon to wage war against the kingdoms of Men (from the Swords of the Ancients mythology). 420 stainless steel blade and back spike, engraved runes, solid metal fittings, black steel handle sha..
Ex Tax:181.82€
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