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The medieval greaves are made to protect your legs against lower blows in combat. Leather or Metal greaves available. Used as a complement to the Armor and for medieval historical recreation. Do you need to buy functional greaves? Do you need to complement your medieval costume? Check the armour we have for you at Medieval Armoury

These medieval knee guards or leg protection (medieval greaves) are handmade from approx.1.3 mm steel. Riveted leather straps allow for individual adjustment. The styled used is from the 15th century.Length: approx. 40 cmMax. width: approx. 30 cm including bulgeMaterial thickness: approx. 1.3 mmWeig..
Ex Tax:87.52€
Folding greaves armour made from 1.3 mm steel with folded edges, and it includes leather straps for attachment.Sold as a pairLength: approx. 58 cmMax. width: approx. 25 cm including bulgeWeight: approx. 2.3 kg (pair)..
Ex Tax:74.30€
Leg Protection, Steel, M Leg Protection, Steel, M
Brand: Epic Armoury
The medieval Leg Protection is a set of demi-greaves designed to protect the shins. Rounded at the edges and decorated with shiny steel rivets, these demi-greaves are designed to sit comfortably over the shins while leaving room for poleyns to cover the kneecaps. They reach from below the knee and n..
Ex Tax:28.92€
Pair of late-medieval knee protection from steel. These were worn by foot-soldiers as well as by knights .Made from 1.6 mm steel (16 guage)Including leather fastening strapsSold as pair of twoLength: approx. 18 cmMax. width: approx. 26 cm including bulgeThickness: 1.3 mmWeight: approx. 1.2 kg..
Ex Tax:49.58€
Medieval Knights Greaves perfectly designed for historical reenactment and larp events.This medieval greaves are made of 2mm steel and have leather fittings to adjust to your leg.Made from 2 mm steelIncludes red leather straps for size adjustmentSold as pair of twoLength: approx. 47 cmMax. width: ap..
Ex Tax:86.69€
Handmade shin guards. The middle rib and folded edges allow for light thickness of only 1.2 mm steel. Two robust, individually adjustable leather straps with buckles are riveted to the inside of the armour. Steel thickness: approx. 1.2 mmLeather straps thickness: approx. 2.5 mmFinish: polished ..
Ex Tax:33.05€
A fully articulated and wearable reconstruction of late medieval leg armour. The leg harness set is made up of two pieces that include connected greaves, poleyns with fan-plates, and cuisses that protect the upper and lower leg as well as the knee.It's made of 1.2 mm mild steel and is suitable for c..
Ex Tax:132.15€
Brand: Ulfberht
Steel Viking Greaves (1 unit)This Viking greave is made of seven bent steel strips which are riveted to two strong leather straps. The straps have brass buckles which allow an individual adjustment...
Ex Tax:36.36€
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