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White Persian Gambeson | Medieval Gambesons

White Persian Gambeson | Medieval Gambesons

The White Persian Gambeson is a long, padded garment that covers the front and back of the torso from the neck all the way down to the shin. It can be worn alone or as additional padding beneath mail or armor. The gambeson is worn like a jacket and is fastened at the front with straps that allow the wearer to adjust the fit. To remove the shoulders, untie the cotton cords that are fastened by durable brass eyelets on the shoulders and sleeves. Because it was created with a two-color design in mind, the gambeson design has a burst of color.

Heavily influenced by Persian troops who wore clothing with gambeson-like shapes.

This robust white medieval gambeson is made of thick layers of fluffed cotton canvas sandwiched between dyed wool on the exterior and softer cotton lining on the inside. It is thick enough to function as its own armour. The cushioning is kept in place by vertical lines of stitching connecting all of these layers.

Available in several colours and sizes.

General Specifications
Material Twill, 100% Cotton
Weight Approx : 2.5 Kgs
Size S/M Bottom Width : 90 cm, Chest Width : 53 cm, Length : 121 cm, Neck Width : 20 cm, Sleeve Length : 36 cm, Sleeve Width : 23 cm, Waist Width : 44 cm
Size L/XL Bottom Width : 100 cm, Chest Width : 63 cm, Length : 129 cm, Neck Width : 23 cm, Sleeve Length : 39 cm, Sleeve Width : 24 cm, Waist Width : 54 cm
Size 2XL / 3XL Bottom Width : 120 cm, Chest Width : 79 cm, Length : 137 cm, Neck Width : 25 cm, Sleeve Length : 42 cm, Sleeve Width : 25 cm, Waist Width : 69 cm

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