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White Gambeson | Medieval Armours

White Gambeson | Medieval Armours

For re-enactment and medieval exhibition combat, a gambeson is practically necessary. The gambeson, also known as the aketon, padded jack, or arming doublet, was a type of armour that was worn behind plate and chainmail. It improved the comfort of these steel armours and improved their ability to absorb hostile hits, lowering the chance of injury.

Ulfberth's gambeson is made up of four layers of fabric: one cotton canvas outer layer, two layers of woolen padding, and one soft cotton lining.

  • 100% cotton is used on the outside
  • Cotton lining
  • 100 percent wool filling (padding)
  • Natural shade
  • Height of collar: about 5 cm
General Specifications
Material 100% cotton
Size S Chest circumfer. : 93cm, Neck/colar: 34cm, Sleeve length : 50cm, Total length : 76cm
Size M Chest circumfer. : 114cm, Neck/colar: 42cm, Sleeve length : 50cm, Total length : 82cm
Size L Chest circumfer. : 121cm, Neck/colar: 45cm, Sleeve length : 51cm, Total length : 83cm
Size XL Chest circumfer. : 126cm, Neck/colar: 48cm, Sleeve length : 53cm, Total length : 86cm
Size XXL Chest circumfer. : 134cm, Neck/colar: 52cm, Sleeve length : 56cm, Total length : 91cm

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