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Floki | Banner Vikings Serie

Floki | Banner Vikings Serie

Floki is an eccentric and joyful man with a bizarre and zany air about him and is often the source of entertainment among his friends. Though this is arguably a facade to hide the more serious and emotionally troubled man brooding beneath the surface. Nonetheless, he is sincere in his loyalty to Ragnar and is respected for his sharp intellect and wisdom. So much so that Ragnar trusted him to negotiate peace talks with King Horik on Ragnar's behalf. He is regarded as an equal if nothing less than an individual of particularly high standing among the other warriors of Kattegat. Despite his seemingly nonchalant and apparently strange facade, Floki is very dedicated and proud of his work. He finds joy and often laughs during their plunders, whether he is killing or discovering new things in the land they visit. He is a man who is devoted to his gods and lives to serve them.

This banner is hand-made and manufactured in Europe (Spain), with Polyester material, ideal for interior and controled extirior usage.

Available in 4 sizes :

  • 40cms X 80 cms
  • 50cms X 100cms
  • 60cms X 120cms
  • 70cms X 140cms

General Specifications
Material Polyester

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  • Stock: Confection: 7 days
  • Model: 2565
  • Weight: 1.00kg
Ex Tax: 20.65€

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