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Iberian Falcata, Silver Finishing | Iberian and Falcata Swords

Iberian Falcata, Silver Finishing | Iberian and Falcata Swords

This Iberica Falcata has a silver zamak handle with fake ivory grip scales and a stainless steel blade. Marto's sword collection.

The falcata is a form of white weapon, a steel blade that originated in Iberia and is hence linked to pre-Roman Iberian populations. It was commonly employed among the Iberians, or the Celtiberians who bordered on them, and was the most prevalent sword in the Peninsula's territory.

The Roman chroniclers lauded the quality of the iron used in the creation of Hispanic weapons, praising its cutting capability and flexibility, which was one of the most coveted and sought after attributes in its manufacture.

The fact that, after the first battles in the Iberian Peninsula, the Roman troops were ordered to reinforce the edges of their shields with iron, possibly to counteract the cutting power of the falcatas, which was far superior to that of the straight swords and sabers, is a curious note that reflects the effectiveness of these weapons.

General Specifications
Material Stainless Steel
Length 60 cms
Scabbard No
Sharp No
Blade Size 56 cms
Weight 1.5 Kgs

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