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Samurai swords should be displayed rather than stuffed into the back of your closet, and the Shikoto Lonquan Master Three-Sword Display Stand is the perfect method to do so. The stand is made of solid wood and has a matte black finish, and it can accommodate three swords horizontally. The tabletop d..
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The exquisite details contained in this officially approved U.S.M.C. Ceremonial Sword will appeal to any historian and sword collector. This attractive Ceremonial Sword has an elegant and antique appearance, with a 440 stainless steel blade with intricate scrollwork motifs and a United States Marine..
Ex Tax:70.17€
The Honshu Boshin Double Edge Sword fuses tradition and innovation to yield a masterwork of modern sword design. The sword boasts a 30 1/2” long Damascus steel blade. Trading traditional trappings for sleek contemporary style, the cutting edge Boshin is an undeniably modern weapon. Textured TPR shro..
Ex Tax:264.45€
This Shikoto tanto was created in honor of the warrior who fights in the shadows, the Ninja of the Night. It has a 12 3/4" T10 carbon steel burnt blade with a clay-tempered edge that extends from a brass habaki and a brass Samurai tsuba. Genuine tea-colored rayskin and brown cord wrap the oak handle..
Ex Tax:260.32€
Part of the Honshu Midnight Forge Series, this Single-Hand Sword was crafted using a time-tested sword design with modern engineering, giving you perfect blade-to-hilt balancing. It has a sharp 79 cms long 1065 high carbon steel blade with a black finish, which extends from a polished black handguar..
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The Tactical Spartan Sword is an exceptional addition to Honshu's rock solid tactical weapon line. This reimagining of an ancient weapon has a 16 1/2” D2 stainless steel blade that has a phenomenally sharp blade, which features a classic blood groove and modern, weight-reducing thru-holes in the spi..
Ex Tax:185.87€
United Cutlery's officially certified USMC Ceremonial Saber Sword is an amazing, heirloom-quality gift to give to a Marine in your life. The sharp, 29 1/4" stainless steel blade is imprinted with "United States Marines" and other USMC-themed artwork. The hilt is made of polished stainless steel and ..
Ex Tax:78.43€
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