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Brand: Mytholon
This medieval and larp chain mail shirt was made for bigger people and their need for bigger chain mail shirts.XXL in size, is equipped with long sleeves and covers the thighs half way (depending on how much material you will need around the middle of the body. We suggest to wear a padded gambeson u..
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Brand: Mytholon
This medieval and larp chainmail shirt is slightly smaller and more intended for use without a gambeson. The chest circumference is relatively small, so we recommend it to younger or narrower built warriors. With a chest circumference from 70 cm to 95 cm. The chain-shirt is completely riveted under ..
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Brand: Mytholon
This short-sleeved medieval and larp chainmail shirt was built for average sized adults with a "normal" chest circumference. It is wide enough to be worn on top of a padded gambeson.The sleeves cover some 2/3 of the arms - still being considered a short sleeve chain mail - and reaches down to the mi..
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Brand: Mytholon
The roman chainmail was called the Lorica Hamata. The oldest picture dates back to 168 BC and shows soldiers in this specific mail armour. Ever since the 1st century BC the double shoulder mail was eliminated and the shirt was shortened. The "classic" chain mail was born and spread all over Europe.T..
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Brand: Mytholon
This chainmail medieval or larp shirt is made of lightweight aluminium and is completely riveted. It is suitable for ' normal ' built people with medium chest circumference and wide enough to wear a gambeson underneath. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arm. The length of the chainmail extends to t..
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Brand: Mytholon
The plate armor "Dragomir" is incredibly elaborate. It consists of a large number of finely formed elements, which combine to create an extraordinary armor that can hardly be more moveble. Each part of Dragomir is carefully formed and decorated with beadings. They impress with design and the masterf..
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Brand: Mytholon
This IDV longbow has a fiberglass core and is covered in foam material. This is why it is hard to damage, even when blocking your opponents strikes in battle.The bows' colours may vary from those in the pictures. Its numbers allow this bow to meet all usual LARP and medieval reenactments requirement..
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Brand: Mytholon
Mounted archery is a hunting- and war art from the central asian plains. It has been a long tradition and is still celebrated in, e.g., todays Hungary in competitions.The "Koppany" archers bow was built by "Elbenschmiede" and designed along patterns of hungarian mounted archers bows. It is made from..
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Long Larp Sword Hektor - 103 cms Long Larp Sword Hektor - 103 cms
Brand: Mytholon
The Mytholon´s "Hektor" longsword from the Battle-Standard series is designed as a classical knight's sword. The straight crossguard and the unusual pommel make it stand out from other swords. The exceptional craftmanship combines durability with a realistic look, so it will serve you for a long tim..
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Brand: Mytholon
Archery from the horses back developed first the plains of Asia. The bow was shorter than long bows, so it would not interfeare with the horses movements while shooting. The "Magyor" recurve bow was made by the "Elbenschmiede" company and copies patterns from traditional hungariean horse bows.It is ..
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Brand: Mytholon
Every drink has its special container from which it should be drunk. Honey mead is traditionally drunk from a horn. Popular is z. B. the custom of the "pendulum horn", in which horns filled with mead are passed around in a circle in convivial groups.One drinking horn is never the same as another. Ma..
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Brand: Mytholon
The medieval and larp "Adam" bracers are a little bit shorter than their cousins from our other series. Because of this they will also fit adolescents or smaller people.Additionally, like all the other "Adam" armour parts, it has a corrugation along the rim...
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