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The fencing foil is one of the three weapons of fencing. It is a long, flexible, carbon steel sword, 0.500 kg in weight and 1.10 m in length, with a rectangular section blade.

It was originally a training sword descended from the sprat.

Fencing foil History

In the seventeenth century the fencing foil appeared, a harmless weapon with a flexible blade, finished with a flower-shaped button, which allowed simulating a duel without risk.

In the past, women could only shoot foil, and given the light weight of the weapon it was widely used by children. Today, although it is advisable to begin by learning at least some fundamental foil principles, shooters start with any of the three weapons.

The Medieval Rapier

A medieval rapier is a sword with a narrow blade (which tapers from the hilt to the point) and always ends in a sharp point of three or more tables (sides of the blade), which is used more as a point than as a cutter. It was derived from medieval weapon swords to cope first with chainmail, and later and primarily with harness (full metal plate armor, also known as white armor).

The rapier was a specialized weapon for combat against harness, in the same way as were maces and axes, flails, hammer-picks and other horned weapons, mainly from the late Middle Ages. The introduction of gunpowder in medieval weaponry meant the end of plate armor, however the medieval rapier managed to survive and evolve.

The gradual introduction of individual powder weapons, such as arquebuses and muskets, radically changed the need to be covered by a 25 kg defensive panoply that did not always protect from an accurate or point-blank shot. Therefore, little by little, the only metallic protection of a soldier was the cuirass, the bracers and the helmet, and this especially in mounted units. Meanwhile, the rapiers ended up evolving throughout the sixteenth century into a lighter and narrower blade, for civil use, which was called rapier or rapier (since it was worn as part of clothing), at the same time. Once there were still versions for war more similar to the medieval rapier. However, the latter were relegated to secondary weapons, since specialized weapons were more effective in battle. Thus, the swords that lasted from the 16th and 17th centuries were either the most suitable for civil combat (duels and brawls) or those that could still play some role militarily, for example the stanchions that were used in profusion by mercenaries. like lansquenetes, mainly to break up booby formations.

Brand: Windlass
17th century rapier with a very intricate hilt, beautifully crafted. Silver wire pommel with rings at the top and bottom, hand-wound. The hand-forged blade is made of thoroughly tempered high-carbon steel with a broad flute for lightness and strength in thrusting and a thick ricasso for enhanced rob..
Ex Tax:256.12€
A replica based on models from the 17th century. The blade is made of carbon steel. The entire handle is made of brass.The blade is not sharpened.Blade material: carbon steelTotal length: approx. 112.0 cmBlade length: approx. 96.0 cmMax. blade width: approx. 3.0 cmImpact edge: approx. 1.0 mmWeight: ..
Ex Tax:49.50€
Brand: Windlass
The expert smiths at Windlass Steelcrafts created this beautiful hand crafted sword. A rapid-rapier blade manufactured of tempered 1065 high-carbon steel is included. An exquisite blackened steel hilt surrounds the entire tang. It has a blackened steel guard and a wooden pommel coated in black leath..
Ex Tax:134.63€
Brand: Cold Steel
Dueling was at its peak in popularity by the mid-1600s. In fact, dueling was forbidden by King Louis XIII of France because he was afraid of losing too many of his key dignitaries to this dangerous sport!Aristocratic noblemen considered it as their masculine duty to protect their honor with a sword,..
Ex Tax:413.21€
Brand: Windlass
Exceptional Rapier, not only for its exquisite beauty. This Rapier is a replica of an original from the Hank Reinhardt Collection. This sword displays one of the most graceful and sublime designs in a period when no two swords were made exactly alike. (There were often tremendous differences between..
Ex Tax:223.13€
Brand: Hanwei
The Hanwei Torino Rapier features the classic straight crossguard style popular in this part of Europe, and is based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian provenance. With a high-carbon steel flex-tempered blade, a stainless steel hilt (for less maintenance) with "blade catcher" qu..
Ex Tax:305.78€
Brand: Kingston Arms
The Kingston Arms Sport Feder long sword is a lightweight, fast, safe, and economical HEMA longsword sparring sword designed for clubs, novices, and even seasoned practitioners. By flexing the last third of the blade while keeping the remainder of the sword rigid in the bind, this federschwert was d..
Ex Tax:198.34€
Beautiful replica of an Italian swept hilt rapier from the 16th century.By the end of the Middle Ages, owing to the changes in combat techniques, the blades became longer and narrower and the common sword was replaced by the more elegant rapier. What's more, wearing of a rapier was an indication of ..
Ex Tax:124.90€
A long, double-edged EN45 spring steel blade with diamond cross-section and pointed tip is used in this restoration of a so-called Pappenheimer rapier. The blade's complete tang is threaded to the pommel and the edges are not honed. The facetted pommel and the intricate, graceful swept hilt with S-s..
Ex Tax:125.54€
Brand: Hanwei
The Renaissance-style Hanwei Rapiers date back to the early 17th century in Europe, where swordplay with the Rapier was considered an important element of a gentleman's education and was frequently employed to settle gentlemanly disputes. Blades were normally made in one of the blade-making centers,..
Ex Tax:210.74€
Brand: Windlass
Handcrafted in the style of a 17th century rapier sword, this reproduction is stunning. To protect the hand, it contains a metal basket with intricate braiding. The carefully carved horn hilt is handcrafted and inlaid with a single steel wire that provides exceptional grip during duels, and it repli..
Ex Tax:232.15€
The term rapier refers to a cutting and stabbing weapon that was mostly employed by aristocracy until the early sixteenth century.The basket on this rapier is lovely, and the guard is 30 cm long. It will be accompanied by a sheath.We suggest attaching the rapier to a belt with a sword mount.Total le..
Ex Tax:106.53€
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