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Functional Ballinderry Viking Bronze Sword | Functional Viking Swords

Functional Ballinderry Viking Bronze Sword | Functional Viking Swords

This lovely single-handed Viking Age sword is based on a bog find from the mid-ninth century and is a type "K" according to Petersen's Viking sword typology. The original, amazingly well-preserved sculpture was discovered near Ballinderry (Ireland) in 1928 and is now on exhibit at Dublin's National Museum. The Ballinderry sword was clearly a high-status weapon based on its overall build and look, the materials used, and the other items discovered beside it. It is thought to have belonged to a wealthy Irishman, either an affluent farmer or a chieftain, but how the sword came to be in the hands of its Irish owner is unknown.

This one-handed sword is shaped like a classic Norse weapon and has all of the characteristics of a genuine Dark Ages blade. However, several of its traits point to a more complicated past: The hilt is unmistakably Scandinavian, while the blade appears to be Frankish. It is inscribed with the name of its creator, ULFBERHT, a Rhineland bladesmith workshop thought to be one of the first sword "brands" - with over 170 swords dating from the 9th to 11th centuries with the identical inscription +VLFBERHT+ and found all across Europe (even as far as western Russia). So, in the instance of this weapon, the evidence suggests that a blade imported from Germany was transformed into a sword by a Norse craftsman before making its way to Ballinderry (perhaps through fighting, but more likely through trade).

A hardened 5160 high carbon steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of about 48-52 HRC is featured in the battle-ready replica we sell here. The +ULFBERHT+ inscription appears on the double-edged blade with broad fuller, just as it does on the archaeological piece. The complete tang is peened to the pommel, and the rounded tip and blunt, 2 mm thick edges make this excellent replica suitable for combat reenactment, stage fighting, or sparring.

The bronze short guard and unusual multi-lobed pommel closely resemble the scrollwork designs and vine-like swirls of the original object. The pommel, like many other authentic examples from this period, is made up of numerous components that are glued together. Brown leather cord is firmly wrapped around the hardwood core grip.

A brown, magnificent wood-and-leather scabbard with bronze throat and chape, a wooden suspension loop, and two leather loops complete this early medieval one-hander. A brown leather carrying belt / hanger is also included in the delivery (split suspension system with strap dividers). The copper fittings on the leather loops and baldric are based on findings from Sweden's Birka/Björkö and Gotland.

General Specifications
Material 5160 high carbon steel, tempered, Rockwell hardness: approx. 48-52 HRC
Length 94 cms
Sharp No
Blade Size 79 cms
Weight Sword : 1.1Kgs / Sword + Scabbard : 1.7 Kgs

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