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Sancho IV Sword, The Brave | Medieval Swords

Sancho IV Sword, The Brave | Medieval Swords

It's a significant find; it's a cut and pointed Middle Ages rapier from the 13th century.

The sword was discovered in near-perfect condition. It's a lavish weapon for its period, fit for a Castilian king. Since this was a later custom among swordsmiths, there is no mark or stamp of the swordsmith who forged it.

It, together with the crown and cushion from the same trousseau, is on exhibit in the Tapestry Museum of the Toledo Cathedral.

The precision of chipping and mirror polishing is highlighted by the blade.

  • Mount- A traditional cross mount with drooping arms and a lobed pommel.
  • On both sides of the cross is chiseled a lavish decoration, probably an Arabic inscription that is repeated without order.
  • Fist- The fist is decorated to match the rest of the weapon and the Castilla y León coat of arms.

Sancho IV was a tall man, judging by his bones, based on the measurements of his fist, which correspond to the hand of a man of medium build. This makes one wonder if, like the crown, the sword was inherited from his father.

  • Pommel- All chiseled, with lovely Arabic lacework in the two circles of its faces and the same motifs repeated on the lateral surfaces of the cones as in the cross.

On the death of his father, King Alfonso X, Sancho IV of Castile (1258-1295), called "el Bravo," crowned himself king of Castile and León in the Cathedral of Toledo (1284), despite having been disinherited due to disagreements with him. He married Mara de Molina, who would play a key part in her husband's reign and in the minority of her son Fernando.

He died of TB at Toledo (1295) at the age of 37, and was interred in the Chapel of Santa Cruz in the Cathedral of Toledo, which he had ordered built. Cardinal Cisneros (15th century) built the Main Chapel of the Cathedral in its place and transported the bones to the mausoleum on the side of Diego de Copn's Epistle of the Presbytery.

In an archaeological dig seeking for the remains of King Sancho II of Portugal, the remains of King Sancho IV were discovered (1947). They were mummified in fine condition and dressed in a Franciscan habit with a Franciscan chain around the waist. The royal wore a silver-gilt crown encrusted with Roman cameos and sapphires during his lifetime, and he must have stood over two meters tall. A sword with a golden handle was found next to the corpse, with an inscription etched on the blade, of which only a few portions were retained due to the blade being rusted in some places.The length of the sword, which does not correlate to the sovereign's towering stature, and a documentary reference to his grandfather Ferdinand III's crown suggest that he would have inherited both items.

General Specifications
Material stainless steel
Length 102 cms
Scabbard No
Sharp No

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