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Sword of Alexander, The Great (Limited Edition) | Greek Swords

Sword of Alexander, The Great (Limited Edition) | Greek Swords

Alexander, The Great. Gorgeous sword with limited units. It is numbered and certified. The blade, cross and pommel have damascened inlaid gold details. The engraving in Gold and Black was done with acid to maintain the details even in the worst scenario.

Alexander III of Macedonia, nicknamed Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, born July 21, 356 BC, and conqueror of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great is considered the greatest political figure of antiquity. A great military strategist and creator of a work of great cultural significance, he is known as one of the most brilliant Generals in History. In addition to being a brave military man, he planned his campaigns with great lucidity, since at an early age he showed great interest in the Persian Empire and its functioning as well as in the Persian invasion of Macedonia. He faced the mighty Persian army commanded by Darius III at the Battle of Iso in 333 BC. obtaining a great victory and the Persian King fled to the east with all his forces leaving the royal treasure in the hands of Alexander. Phenicia, Palestine, and Egypt surrendered without resistance. He was designated son of the God Amun and there he founded Alexandria and stimulated the construction of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. In 327 BC he had conquered an empire that stretched from Greece to Asia Minor and India. He carried out a victorious campaign of more than 32,000 km that lasted 11 years.


General Specifications
Material Stainless Steel
Length 71 cms
Scabbard No
Sharp No
Blade Size 56 cms
Weight 1.8 Kgs

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