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Classic Medieval Sword | Medieval Swords

Classic Medieval Sword | Medieval Swords

With a Type I pommel and a Type VII guard, this sword is an Oakeshott design, Type X. Ewart Oakeshott, a historian and illustrator, devised the Oakeshott typology to identify and catalog medieval swords based on physical appearance. It divides European swords from the 11th to the 15th centuries into 13 primary forms, labeled X to XXII. In 1960, Oakeshott published "Weapon Archaeology: Weapons and Armor from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry," a book on the subject. It is a continuation of Jan Petersen's Viking sword typology, first published in 1919 in De Norske Vikingsverd ("The Norwegian Viking Swords"), and later refined by R. E. M. Wheeler in 1927 into a nine-type typology labeled I to IX.

The sword's length and complete tang made it lighter, allowing for faster and sharper movements capable of cutting through the knight's armor and equipment at the period. The long guard provides good protection against a shield or blade from an opponent. The sword is perfectly balanced thanks to the traditional wheel pommel. This sort of sword has been around for a long time in Europe.

A matching scabbard is included with this classic Medieval sword.

  • 100cm in length
  • Weight : 1360g 
  • Blade : 83cm
General Specifications
Material Steel
Length 100 cm
Blade Size 83 cm
Weight 1360 g

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