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The medieval shields are made to protect your body against blows in combat. Wood or Metal shields available. Used as a complement to the Armor and for medieval historical recreation. The shield is the oldest known defensive weapon. A real protection to protect against enemy attacks. Shields have been known since 3000 years before Christ.

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Size and weight varied greatly. Lightly armored warriors relying on speed and surprise would generally carry light shields (pelte) that were either small or thin. Heavy troops might be equipped with robust shields that could cover most of the body. Many had a strap called a guige that allowed them to be slung over the user's back when not in use or on horseback. During the 14th–13th century BC, the Sards or Shardana, working as mercenaries for the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II, utilized either large or small round shields against the Hittites. The Mycenaean Greeks used two types of shields: the "figure-of-eight" shield and a rectangular "tower" shield. These shields were made primarily from a wicker frame and then reinforced with leather. Covering the body from head to foot, the figure-of-eight and tower shield offered most of the warrior's body a good deal of protection in hand-to-hand combat. The Ancient Greek hoplites used a round, bowl-shaped wooden shield that was reinforced with bronze and called an aspis. Another name for this type of shield is a hoplon. The hoplon shield inspired the name for hoplite soldiers. The hoplon was also the longest-lasting and most famous and influential of all of the ancient Greek shields. The Spartans used the aspis to create the Greek phalanx formation. Their shields offered protection not only for themselves but for their comrades to their left. Examples of Germanic wooden shields circa 350 BC – 500 AD survive from weapons sacrifices in Danish bogs.

The heavily armored Roman legionaries carried large shields (scuta) that could provide far more protection, but made swift movement a little more difficult. The scutum originally had an oval shape, but gradually the curved tops and sides were cut to produce the familiar rectangular shape most commonly seen in the early Imperial legions. Famously, the Romans used their shields to create a tortoise-like formation called a testudo in which entire groups of soldiers would be enclosed in an armoured box to provide protection against missiles. Many ancient shield designs featured incuts of one sort or another. This was done to accommodate the shaft of a spear, thus facilitating tactics requiring the soldiers to stand close together forming a wall of shields.

Blank Wood Shield to Customize Blank Wood Shield to Customize
This Blank Wood Shield crafted from wood is only painted in white. You can customize it by painting it in the desired colour or coat-of-arms.The back features four leather straps...
Ex Tax:53.71€
Reconstruction of an antique shield, so-called scutum, as carried by the Roman legionnaires of the imperial era.The shield is made of wood and has a hand-painted linen cover on the front. The back is reinforced with thin wooden strips. The shield is normally carried by an opening in the hump or umbo..
Ex Tax:112.39€
Brand: Battlecry
This shield is fully functional, it is specifically designed to be used. Manufactured from 1065 carbon steel, with a -50 s RC darkened and tempered finish. Includes custom packaging and certificate of authenticity.This soldier's shield is from the Battlecry collection by Windlass Steelcrafts. This s..
Ex Tax:93.31€
Beautifull and functional round shield with steel fittings to give a more medieval look.The edge of the shield is protected by a steel ring. There is an arm loop and a fist grip made of steel...
Ex Tax:66.11€
Medieval Wooden Shield with Steel Fittings Medieval Wooden Shield with Steel Fittings
Shield in the style of a coat of arms, with a steel hump and steel fittings. A semicircular steel ring protects the edge of the shield. An arm loop and a steel fist grip are located on the rear.A very functional and decorative shield...
Ex Tax:74.37€
Brand: SPQR
Wooden Viking Round Shield with Iron BossUnpainted Shield Blank with Canvas OverlayThe large Viking shield we offer here is suitable for light combat reenactment, stage fighting or sparring.This battle-ready round shield is made of 3 layers of MDF wood (medium-density fibreboard) and covered on the ..
Ex Tax:120.65€
Brand: Ulfberht
Viking  Round Shield, wood Battle-ready round shield from wood with strong steel fittings.A typical, very elaborate knot design has been engraved by complex handcraft into a steel plate in the middle.Backside there’s riveted a padding covered with soft leather.Two leather straps are rivete..
Ex Tax:165.28€
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