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Medieval Armoury Wedding/Party Organization

If you want your wedding or party to be different, original, fun and for your guests to enjoy a relaxed and special atmosphere, we offer you the possibility of celebrating your wedding or party with Medieval Armoury. We are a company specialized in Medieval and LARP Weddings and Events and other themes such as Celtic, Viking , Romano, the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. Medieval Armoury learned from the best of the best, some with 20 years of experience, and without any doubts, we are the N.1 favourite company from the public to make your medieval or larp party come to life.

What we can offer you

Medieval Armoury services include all the details you may need for that long-awaited day. Furthermore, our team will be happy to listen to all your requests and make it happen. Let us work with your project while you focus on beeing the center of attention. WE DO TAKE CARE OF ALL FOR YOU.

  • Decoration space, tent or room where the event takes place with banners, pastry racks, shields, swords, table candelabra, etc...
  • Photocall: Decorated space or tent that includes a throne, armor, gears of punishment, banners, helmets, shields and swords so that the guests can take pictures.
  • Presidential table: It will be highlighted for its importance with a special position and decoration. The bride and groom, the birthday person, the chief or owner, can feel the same as the kings of the celebration and can enjoy the company of their guests at all times.


The medieval camp formed by different colourfull tents, with a gorgeous decoration like banners and armours, including your own coat of arms, for a trully medieval atmosphere.

  • Cocktail Tent or Canteen: This tent is intended for the bar or aperitif according to needs.
  • Tent for the Ceremony: totally set and decorated with table, chandeliers, candles, heraldic shields and velvet tablecloth.
  • Tent for catering service, falconry, etc. If necessary.
  • Photocall Tent: it consists of a throne, armor, punishment stocks, banners, helmets, shields and swords so that guests can take pictures.
  • Decoration of the exterior with banners, armours, heraldic shields, pastry racks and medieval coats of arms for a setting of the space in the purest medieval style. In this way, attendees will be able to enjoy the different spaces at their ease, without feeling restricted by a closed space and a stretched atmosphere.

Dinning Tent
  • Assembling medieval tents decorated in the purest medieval style, with forged lamps and torches, banners, shields, armors... in which you will find yourself fully imbued in a fully medieval atmosphere.
  • The tables will be decorated with wrought iron chandeliers and table linens according to the big event.
  • The Presidential Tent or Presidential Table, will be highlighted for its importance with a position and a special decoration.


Based on your requierements, we can provide you with the best of the best actors in the medieval and larp scene:

  • Magicians
  • Theatrical representation
  • Fire Eaters
  • Medieval fighting with swords and axes
  • Belly Dancers
  • Medieval or Larp Roleplay
  • and much, much more ....

Animation and Medieval Show

Our animation group is made up of actors, musicians, magicians, belly dancers and professional jugglers, who will be in charge of the reception of the guests, the wedding ceremony, animation during the cocktail and lunch, medieval dances and medieval games ( according to contract).

  • Reception of the Bride and Groom: our artists will hold a wedding procession for the arrival of the bride and groom, giving way, with ladies, gentlemen and musicians of the time, to meet their guests.
  • Marriage of the consorts: our "master of ceremonies" will officiate the "theatrical" ceremony that the bride and groom wish, either in a more classic and emotional style or in a more relaxed and jovial one, even being able to mix both to the taste of the couple.
  • Cocktail: during the cocktail or pica-pica our artists will improvise among the attendees with different theatrical characters, musicians, magicians and jugglers, so that people have fun and enjoy that moment while tasting some delicious delicacies.
  • First course entree: a procession of medieval musicians, elegant ladies, cheerful jesters and stout gentlemen will give way to the bride and groom to the hall to meet their guests, already settled in their places.
  • Between 1st and 2nd course: our actors will delight the audience with a medieval and fun theater piece, in which people will participate, enjoy and laugh out loud.
  • Dessert entrance: our magicians or jugglers will delight attendees with a show full of illusionism, joy and humor, using different techniques and styles.
  • After desserts and coffee: Participative medieval dance. Our actors will teach the bride and groom a joyful medieval dance so that they can dance it with them to the sound of live music. Later, the rest of the guests will dance, those who are encouraged, with the bride and groom and the actors.

Medieval Games

After the meal and once it is settled, the medieval games will take place, where all the assistants, children and adults will have a fun and entertaining time participating in the different games.

  • Rope shooting: each of the teams has to pull to their side and get the other team to finish in their field.
  • Knight fight: two knights will have to stand on two platforms and armed with training poles with a padded finish, held with both hands, they will have to try to make the opponent fall off his platform.
  • Archery: the archers who decide to participate will shoot arrows, finished off in rubber balls, to hit the center of the target.
  • Race “a trios” of boards: three participants from each team have to get on some boards with ropes in which they will put their feet. At the touch of the start, the participants of each team will have to try to reach the goal first without falling, for which they will have to walk coordinated in unison.
  • The tightrope bottle: the player will have to pass a bottle, with the help of a cane, from one side of a wooden slat to the other, without it falling.
  • Balance pulse: two participants must get on a plank, located at a certain height from the ground, and do a standing pulse until their opponent falls to the ground.
  • Insert the horseshoes: there are several long sticks stuck in the ground and the participants will have to insert horseshoes into these, throwing them from a certain distance.
  • Pass the Sack: the participants will be placed in two rows, one behind the other and will have to pass, under the legs, some bags of weight. The first team to complete two rounds of sack pass will win.
  • Shooting the tower: the participants will have to shoot wooden dowel towers, with cloth balls located at a certain distance from them.

Heraldic Banners and Ceremony Sword

We offer you, with the event confirmation, the family crest banners with the heraldry of their surnames, which will be the ones that decorates the background of the presidential table. You will be able to choose between several sword models, the sword for the cake cutting for example. That is also a gift from us, and included will be the engraving of the date and subject of the Event.

Falconry and Reptiles

Depending on your request we can provide a large tent that will be set up with an exhibition of various kinds of birds and/or reptiles for photoshooting. At the same time, upon your request the alliances (if wedding) can be delivered at the ceremony by a Royal Eagle or other rapine bird. Take the whole medieval experience with you. We do provide tamed snakes or lizards so your guests can take fotos with them, if required. NOTE : all the animals are 100% insured and all of them have police permits to travel and be handled for educational exhibition, by qualified professionals. We as animal lovers, would never work with unprofesional organizations or people.

Medieval Invitations

We have several models of medieval-style invitations that we can provide, so you can officialy invite people to your great marriage, party or aniversary. Just ask us, we edit and you send it to your family and friends.

Waiters Clothing

We have and provide medieval clothing for waiters according to the event : waiters, innkeepers, etc.


We can also provide you with true medieval music with our equipment, or simply just the playlists so you can setup your event with true ambient medieval music.


So you can have an idea how big and awesome we can make your larp or medieval party, wedding, Anniversary can be, we also can provide you with Full Catering, Happy Hour, Farms Party Places, Castles, Monasteries, Guests Busses, and way alot more items.

Just fill the formular below, let us know a bit of your event and we will contact you in less than 24h.

Event Contact

NOTE : Due to hundreds of requests per month for a medieval or larp party/wedding/anniversary, Medieval Armoury filters the requests. The medieval or LARP event starts with a minimim of 1.800€. All requests under these quote will be discarded. Thank you for your understanding!