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Brown Warrior Gambeson | Medieval Armours

Brown Warrior Gambeson | Medieval Armours

This Brown Warrior Gambeson is a padded, sleeveless garment that extends from the neck down to the hips, covering both the front and back of the torso. It can be used as essential padding beneath mail or armor or worn alone. Similar to a jacket, the front of the gambeson is attached with five leather straps and brass buckles, allowing the wearer to alter how tight the fit is. The long or short sleeves, which can be ordered individually, are fastened to the shoulders and sleeves with cotton cords and strong brass eyelets.

The sturdy gambeson is thick enough to serve as its own armor, constructed of layers of strong white cotton canvas layered between thick layers of fluffed cotton canvas. The cushioning is held in place between each of these layers by vertical lines of stitching, which also echoes the classic European high-medieval style.

Despite having a European cut, the Brown Warrior Gambeson is an excellent piece of basic armor with many options regardless of period or location. Since prehistoric times, armors of the gambeson or quilted type have been worn all throughout the world.

Available in other colours and in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large and 4X-Large.

General Specifications
Material Twill, 100% Cotton
Size S Chest : 88cms, Waist : 69cms, Shoulders : 36cms
Size M Chest : 98cms, Waist : 78cms, Shoulders : 40cms
Size L Chest : 108cms, Waist : 89cms, Shoulders : 45cms
Size XL Chest : 120cms, Waist : 102cms, Shoulders : 50cms
Size XXL Chest : 139cms, Waist : 118cms, Shoulders : 55cms
Size 3XL Chest : 152cms, Waist : 132cms, Shoulders : 60cms
Size 4XL Chest : 165cms, Waist : 150cms, Shoulders : 65cms

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