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Buy Viking Accessories. Medieval Armoury has a great selection of Viking Accessories for vikings. Replicated clothing, utensils, tents, fire pits and more. All perfect replicas for reenactment or larp events. We have also products for the modern Viking. Such as Jewelry, Urban Clothing, Gifts with Norse and Scandinavian Design, keychains, key rings, bottle openers, beard combs, beard grooming sets and many more...

Our products are hand picked respecting the high-quality materials, therefore, don´t wait to buy your desired item from our catalog.

Medieval Brown Leather Boots Medieval Brown Leather Boots
Brand: Ulfberht
The boots we sell here were created using inspiration from artifacts found at York (the former Jorvik) and Haithabu (Hedeby). These leather boots can therefore be historically dated to the ninth and tenth centuries and are undoubtedly comparable to Viking boots.The boots have nailed leather soles an..
Ex Tax:114.88€
Medieval Cutlery Set of 3 pcs Medieval Cutlery Set of 3 pcs
Medieval Cutlery set of 3 pcsHand-forged in steel following original sample.3 pieces : knife, fork, spoonMeasurements:Length knife: approx. 24 cmLength fork: approx. 24 cmLength spoon: approx. 21 cmLegal notice : Should not be used for direct contact with food...
Ex Tax:13.63€
Brand: Epic Armoury
This medieval Cutlery with Leather pouch is a set of eating utensils, including a knife, spoon and two-pronged fork. Made from rough, darkened steel, each handle is uniquely wrought near the head and end to give it character and a superior grip.This Cutlery is safe to use and perfect when you want t..
Ex Tax:33.88€
Thor Hammer Thor Hammer
Brand: Amont
Amazing replica of Thor´s hammer, Mjolnir.Made of polyresin and painted to look like metal. Engraved in the hammer : He who holds this hammer, if he is worthy, will possess the power of Thor.The feel of this hammer while holding it is pretty realisting with its 2kgs in weight.Measures 44 x 22 cmWeig..
Ex Tax:53.64€
A Viking warrior's most treasured amulet, 'Mjolnir', the Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction.Essential metalwear for the viking at heartWide black leather wrist strap bearing large pewter Hammer of Thor, adjustable length, fastened with a buckle...
Ex Tax:31.40€
The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjolnir, and essential talisman for the Dark Age Viking and Anglo Saxon warrior. The Futhork runes inscribed upon the knotwork dragons read "Thor's Hallow. A Blessing on this Hammer, charged with the magic of the Thunder and Lightning."; enhan..
Ex Tax:46.69€
The Nordic Vegvisir Jewelry Box - Black shows the 9 Realms of Asgard, the Viking World. The eight divine worlds that encompass Midgard, the human world, and are named in runic script.A Viking inspired keepsake or trinket box to adorn your home!High quality black finished poly resin box...
Ex Tax:14.46€
Viking belt exclusive model of Medieval Armoury, in black or brown leather. This belt should be worn dropped forward, as it was characteristic in medieval times.This belt is manufactured by artisans in Europe exclusive for Medieval Armoury. Made in Spain with real leather. It features a buckle, but ..
Ex Tax:20.58€
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