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Buy Medieval Torches in Wrought Iron ᐉ Medieval Armoury

There appears to be a lot of misconception about Wrought Iron Torches and Medieval Forged Torches Sconces. What are the diferences?

Torches were used to be a stick with a very thick piece of cloth, soaped in combustible, which is ignited and used as a light source. Torches have been always used throughout history, sometimes even nowadays, and can be used in processions, symbolic and religious events,  juggling entertainment and even in the Olympics. In some countries a "torch" is a battery-operated portable light.

Medieval Wrought Iron Torches Sconces are a type of light fixture that is fixed to a wall, historically it was used with candles and oil lamps to iluminate rooms, corridores, churches, castles and much more.

Modern fittings as electrical powered torches, or the use of glass, are called wall lights or wall lamps. A forged sconce may be a traditional handcrafted torch, candle or gaslight, or a modern electric light source.

Medieval Armoury is happy to feature some very beautiful medieval forged Torches Sconces which you can use to light with fire giving an amazing medieval feeling and look. All our Wrought Iron Torches Sconces are made by master artisans in Europe, and we guarantee an extremly high quallity product.

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