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One of the most influential Catholic military monastic orders of the Middle Ages was the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), also known as the Order of the Temple (and frequently said in the Frenchified form Order of the Temple), whose members are known as Knights Templar. It operated for just about two centuries. Following the First Crusade, nine French knights under the leadership of Hugo de Payns formed it in 1118 or 1119. Its original objective was to safeguard the lives of Christians who traveled to Jerusalem for religious purposes following its conquest (mainly from the port city of Jaffa).

Garmond de Picquigny, the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, granted the order recognition and enforced the Augustinian canons of the Holy Sepulchre as a rule on it. The Latin Rule is the name given to this rule in the Templar setting.

Medieval Armoury is very proud to be the preferred european manufacturer for the Vatican Recognized Organizations of the Knights Templars in Portugal, Spain, France, belgium and UK. Visit our catalog today and be part of the Templars.

Medieval Templar Bicolor Banner with a historical size of 60x135cm. It features a bicolor style with 2 red templar crosses, and it finishes in two peaks. It can be hanged using the 3 straps sewed in the banner. This banner is made of Polyester and can be placed indoors or outdoors (if outdoors, use ..
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Medieval Templar Bicolor Banner with a historical size of 60x70cm. It features a bicolor style with 2 red templar crosses. It can be hanged using the 3 straps sewed in the banner. This banner is made of Polyester and can be placed indoors or outdoors (if outdoors, use it in a controled environment f..
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Our caparisons are manufactured in Spain, by us, not imported, and they are manufactured in 100% Cotton for the comfort of the Horse himself.Since we are the manufacturer, you have at your choice several options available :1) Same color on both sides : (Both sides Full White, Both sides Full Bl..
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Brand: Amont
The pommel of this Templar cadet sword is finished in nickel with a red Templar cross and the handle is lined with black velvet, the guard finished in nickel accompanied by a black embossed decoration contains a small red shield and the Templar cross in nickel. The total size is 85 cm of steel blade..
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Cadet Templar Sword, 60 cms Cadet Templar Sword, 60 cms
Brand: Amont
Templar sword cadet sword with nickel colored pommel and guard and black handle. The pommel contains a detail of a Templar cross in red with inscriptions. With a total size of 59.2 cm, the blade is made of steel and measures 43 cm.Includes case with strap...
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Brand: Amont
Cadet templar sword with a distinctive red design. The guard is completed in nickel and is accompanied by a gold and red embossed decoration. The pommel is finished in gold with a red Templar cross, and the handle is lined with red velvet. Contains a tiny nickel-colored shield and a gold Templar cro..
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The spring steel blade, which is run through to the pommel and riveted there, is made entirely by hand. The straight crossguard and pommel are made of heat-treated, malleable cast iron. The sword has a sharp groove in the blade and a leather strap around the handle, which together give it tremendous..
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The blade of our replica is forged from spring steel and goes through to the round cast iron pommel, where it is screwed invisibly. The handle is wrapped in leather and braided wire. The dagger also has a solid crossguard. The blade is hardened to approx. 48 HRC in oil. The dagger has a deep, rather..
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Our replica's blade is made of spring steel and is unseen fastened into the pommel's spherical cast iron shape. Leather and braided wire are used to wrap the handle. The crossguard of the dagger is sturdy as well. In oil, the blade is hardened to about 48 HRC. The dagger has a substantial, lengthy g..
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Attractive reconstruction of a crusader great helm from ca. 1180 a.d., also called pot helm, bucket helm and barrel helm.There is a very comfortable leather inlay included, as well as a chin strap with buckle.Available in several sizes.Material: 2 mm mild steel, leatherFinish: natural..
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Brand: Ulfberht
This crusader helmet is a replica that has been made to be used in combat. During the 12th century, Crusaders wore this style of helmet, typically paired with a chain mail coif. The spangenhelm's construction, which consists of crossed clips on a calotte, is quite durable. Ample, curved face-plate p..
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