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Knights Hospitaller| Medieval Decoration

Knights Hospitaller| Medieval Decoration

Banner of the Knights Hospitaller with 60cms x 100cms. This banner is made of polyester which can be used indoors and outdoors*. The banner can be hanged using the three straps. You can add your name or your military order name to the banner.

The origins of this chivalric order date back to the year 1084, when some merchants from the city of Amalfi, in the kingdom of Naples, decided to found a hospital for pilgrims next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem under the patronage of Saint John the Baptist. . The proximity of this temple caused the new order to receive the name Order of Saint John of the Hospital of Jerusalem.

After the conquest of the Holy City by Crusaders in 1099, the first master of the order, Gerard de Sant Genís, born in Provence, who is cited indistinctly in the documents as founder and prior, decided to extend the work to Palestine, Syria and Europe itself. , dotting the pilgrimage route to the Holy Land with hospitals.

The order adopted the rule of Saint Augustine, the black habit and a cross of white cloth with eight points, the eight beatitudes. The order of Saint John of Jerusalem became a military force that continuously intervened against Islam.

* If used outdoors, please try to keep it the shortest time posible to high sun or rain to avoid banners life shorten.

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