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The Knights Templar, one of the most well-known military groups associated with the Crusades, existed for nearly two centuries before being unceremoniously disbanded by the Pope in 1312, giving rise to stories and conspiracy theories that have persisted to the present day. The Templars participated in conflicts, supported several construction projects in Europe and the Middle East, and guarded travelers heading to the Holy Lands.

We provide a selection of top-notch Templar swords in striking designs at Medieval Armoury. Our beautiful Templar swords, with their elaborate engravings, gold plating, sculpted handles, and other embellishments, are useful as ceremonial blades, costume weapons, and exhibition pieces. Damascus steel and high carbon steel are used in the blades of many of our functioning Templar swords, making them perfect for reenactments and battle readiness. If you take some time to go over our Templar Knight swords, you're bound to find several items that grab your attention.

Brand: Amont
The pommel of this Templar cadet sword is finished in nickel with a red Templar cross and the handle is lined with black velvet, the guard finished in nickel accompanied by a black embossed decoration contains a small red shield and the Templar cross in nickel. The total size is 85 cm of steel blade..
Ex Tax:39.26€
Cadet Templar Sword, 60 cms Cadet Templar Sword, 60 cms
Brand: Amont
Templar sword cadet sword with nickel colored pommel and guard and black handle. The pommel contains a detail of a Templar cross in red with inscriptions. With a total size of 59.2 cm, the blade is made of steel and measures 43 cm.Includes case with strap...
Ex Tax:33.05€
Brand: Amont
Cadet templar sword with a distinctive red design. The guard is completed in nickel and is accompanied by a gold and red embossed decoration. The pommel is finished in gold with a red Templar cross, and the handle is lined with red velvet. Contains a tiny nickel-colored shield and a gold Templar cro..
Ex Tax:40.08€
The spring steel blade, which is run through to the pommel and riveted there, is made entirely by hand. The straight crossguard and pommel are made of heat-treated, malleable cast iron. The sword has a sharp groove in the blade and a leather strap around the handle, which together give it tremendous..
Ex Tax:137.11€
The blade of our replica is forged from spring steel and goes through to the round cast iron pommel, where it is screwed invisibly. The handle is wrapped in leather and braided wire. The dagger also has a solid crossguard. The blade is hardened to approx. 48 HRC in oil. The dagger has a deep, rather..
Ex Tax:57.77€
Our replica's blade is made of spring steel and is unseen fastened into the pommel's spherical cast iron shape. Leather and braided wire are used to wrap the handle. The crossguard of the dagger is sturdy as well. In oil, the blade is hardened to about 48 HRC. The dagger has a substantial, lengthy g..
Ex Tax:41.24€
Crusader Sword Crusader Sword
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
This sword is a copy of the one used by Rene the Templar in the film Soldier of God.The guard has red crosses inserted in the ends, while the pommel has a cross carved on both sides. The leather-covered wooden handle can be handled with one or two hands. The blade is made of carbon steel that has be..
169.99€ 199.99€
Ex Tax:140.49€
Crusader Sword with Octagonal Pommel, 13th c. Crusader Sword with Octagonal Pommel, 13th c.
Battle-ready replica of a high medieval single-handed sword, as wielded by crusaders of various orders during the Holy Crusades, for example. This sword's attraction stems from its octagonal pommel, which stands out from the more common disc-shaped pommel.This sword is entirely made by hand. The oct..
Ex Tax:142.97€
Replica of a single-handed high medieval sword with the distinctive pommel shape of a disc. The Normans were the first to employ this kind of blade, and it quickly became widespread during the Holy Crusades.This sword is made by hand. Iron has been used to forge the guard and pommel. The pommel and ..
Ex Tax:103.22€
A high-quality replica of a high-medieval single-handed sword with a distinctive disc-shaped pommel. The Normans were the first to employ this form of blade, and it quickly became popular during the Holy Crusades.This sword is entirely made by hand. Heat-treated malleable cast iron is used for the g..
Ex Tax:131.40€
Dagger of the Templars Dagger of the Templars
Brand: Amont
Exclusive Templar design dagger, the guard is finished in nickel and is complemented by a black embossed ornamentation that incorporates a little red shield and the nickel Templar cross. The handle is lined with black velvet. The dagger measures 54.5 centimeters in length overall. The sheath ha..
Ex Tax:33.05€
Brand: Amont
Exclusively designed Templar dagger, with a red velvet lining and a red Templar cross on the pommel completed in gold. The guard is finished in nickel with a gold and red embossed ornamentation, and it also has a little shield with the Templar cross in gold. It measures 54.5 centimeters in total.&nb..
Ex Tax:33.80€
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