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The wakizashi (Japanese: 脇差, "side inserted [sword]" is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihontō) worn by the samurai in feudal Japan.

The wakizashi has a blade between 30 and 60 cm (12 and 24 in) in length. Wakizashi close to the length of a katana are called ō-wakizashi and wakizashi closer to tantō length are called ko-wakizashi. Wakizashi are not necessarily just a smaller version of the katana; they could be forged differently and have a different cross section. 

Wakizashi have been in use as far back as the 15th or 16th century. The wakizashi was used as a backup or auxiliary sword; it was also used for close quarters fighting, to behead a defeated opponent and sometimes to commit seppuku. The wakizashi was one of several short swords available for use by samurai including the yoroi tōshi, and the chisa-katana. The term wakizashi did not originally specify swords of any official blade length and was an abbreviation of wakizashi no katana ("sword thrust at one's side"); the term was applied to companion swords of all sizes.

During the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate required samurai to wear Katana and shorter swords in pairs. These short swords were wakizashi and tanto, and wakizashi were mainly selected. The wakizashi being worn together with the katana was the official sign that the wearer was a samurai or swordsman. When worn together the pair of swords were called daishō, which translates literally as "big-little". Only samurai could wear the daishō: it represented their social power and personal honour. 

During this period, townspeople (Chōnin) and peasants were allowed to wear one legal-length ko-wakizashi, which made it popular for the general public to wear wakizashi. This was common when traveling because of the risk of encountering bandits. Wakizashi were worn on the left side, secured to the waist sash (Uwa-obi or himo). It was not until the Edo period in 1638 when the rulers of Japan tried to regulate the types of swords and the social groups which were allowed to wear them that the lengths of katana and wakizashi were officially set. 

Sale of various decorative or functional Wakizashis. The wakizshi is a traditional Japanese short saber, with a length of between 30 and 60 centimeters. - Wakizashis - Japanese Weapons - Weapons!

Brand: Cold Steel
The Gold Lion Wakizashi mirrors the materials, fit and finish of its larger brother (Gold Lion Katana) in every way except size. It is equally light and fast, and with the same high-quality materials, but at a fraction of the size, making it an exquisite companion piece to the Gold Lion Katana, or a..
Ex Tax:611.56€
Brand: John Lee
Hand-forged samurai sword from the John Lee series. Masterpieces of asian swordcrafthandforged from carbon steel and traditionally hardenedthe blades were folded 12 times (8000 layers) and display lovely damascus propertiesthe sharpened blade has a fuller for weight reductionthe hilt (tsuka) is made..
Ex Tax:203.26€
Brand: John Lee
The Tsuba of the John Lee Dragon Wakizashi is in the shape of a dragon encircling the sword. Unlike in Europe, the dragon plays a particularly significant role in Japan, where this mythical creature is said to bring good fortune.Blade in Shinogi-Zukuri-style with fuller (Bo-Hi), hand-forged out of 1..
Ex Tax:106.61€
Brand: John Lee
A well-matched Wakizashi to the John Lee Imori Katana is now available. The hand-forged, sharpened edge is made of hardened carbon steel. The hilt is wrapped with dark blue cotton in traditional Katate-style completed with original ray skin. The ornaments (Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira, Menuki) show a golde..
Ex Tax:104.05€
Brand: John Lee
Bamboo is referred to as Zaza in Japanese. It is a sign of growth and purity because of its straight form and fresh green hue. It's also seen as a symbol of good fortune in Japanese culture.The blade is forged from stainless 420 steel and is not honed, making it light and well-balanced. In a traditi..
Ex Tax:203.22€
Brand: Cold Steel
The crane is a popular emblem in Japan, representing luck, longevity, loyalty, and strength. Cold Steel® believed it was only fitting to include the Crane as a motif when crafting a new series to add to the long-standing and world-renowned line-up of Japanese blades.In every manner save size, the Mi..
Ex Tax:575.17€
Brand: Hanwei
With a relatively light blade constructed of folded K120C steel and striking koshirae, Hanwei's Orchid Wakizashi by Paul Chen is as swift as it is beautiful. The hamon is prominent, and there are distinct layers in the hada. A medium-length kissaki is featured on this Samurai sword.The tsuka is made..
Ex Tax:818.93€
Brand: Hanwei
Wakizashi RaptorWhile Hanwei's Raptor Wakizashi and Raptor Tanto (HN-SH2423) are designed to match any of the Raptor series' katanas, they are also designed to be very excellent cutting tools in their own right. These components, which are made in the blade style of James Williams' personal Nami Ryu..
Ex Tax:264.45€
Brand: John Lee
The Red Wood Iaito is now available as a Wakizashi to match the katana. The name comes from the matt, red-brown lacquered scabbard, which still has the grain of the wood evident.The Redwood Forest The Shinogi-Zukuri style Iaito Wakizashi has a hand-forged blunt blade with a groove (Bo-Hi) made of 42..
Ex Tax:123.06€
Brand: Cold Steel
The Emperor Series swords have proven to be popular with many of Cold Steelclients ®'s since their initial release. Even so, Cold Steel® recognizes that some people want a battle-ready blade but are hoping to locate one at a lower cost.The Warrior Series clearly addresses this issue. These swords ha..
Ex Tax:413.21€
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