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Need to buy spears or staffs for LARP? Do not look any further! LARP spears, as in medieval times, are one of the most practical, lethal and used weapons in live roles. Ancient spears or modern halberds are basic elements in war for their ease of use and ease of handling. Remember... thanks to its range you will be safe from any damage from an enemy.

The staffs...a weapon in the hands of a warrior. The curiosity is common thought of mere mortals who do not know the difference between a LARP weapon and a staff. These foam rubber or latex batons are manufactured to be used with all the safety that softcombat forces you to do, and at the same time they allow you to fight efficiently. It will definitely make you stand out among the larpers.

What are you waiting for to choose yours at the Medieval Armoury store?

Brand: Epic Armoury
This beautifull Ancient larp Spear is a long, leaf-shaped Roman spear perfect for your next medieval reenactment or LARP character. The spear is manufactured with lots of personality, including a spearhead featuring a golden fuller. These details continue down the pole with gorgeous brass-coloured b..
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