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Scottish Broad Sword | Fencing Swords

Scottish Broad Sword | Fencing Swords

The Highland clansman's iconic sword, the Scottish Broadsword, features a large, double-edged blade and a recognizable basket hilt. This sword has proven to be more than a match for enemy warriors on battlefields all around the world when used with targe and dirk.

Cold Steel® has decided to create its own version of this well-known sword. The 1055 high carbon steel blade was hand-forged, professionally heat-treated, exquisitely polished, and equipped with triple fullers, making it capable of passing the exacting British Proof test. The basket hilt of the sword is constructed from blued steel and has a wire-wrapped and ray-skin-covered wood grip. The Broadsword is then securely stored in a wood and leather scabbard with a chape and throat made of blued steel.

1055 High Carbon Steel

The carbon content and lean alloy of this shallow hardening steel make this a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials. Particularly suited to blades requiring impact resistance, it's often seen in large fixed blades and swords.

  • Material: 1055 high carbon steel
  • Overall length: approx. 95.9 cm
  • Blade length: approx. 80 cm
  • Blade thickness: approx. 5.5 mm
  • Handle length: approx. 16 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1502 g
  • Incl. leather/wood scabbard with blued steel fittings
General Specifications
Material 1055 high carbon steel
Length approx. 95.9 cm
Scabbard Incl. leather/wood scabbard with blued steel fittings
Sharp No
Blade Size approx. 80 cm
Weight 1502 g

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