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Order of Christ Banner| Medieval Decoration

Order of Christ Banner| Medieval Decoration

Banner of the Order of Christ with 60cms x 100cms. This banner is made of polyester which can be used indoors and outdoors*. The banner can be hanged using the three straps. You can add your name or your military order name to the banner.

In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, at the height of the Reconquest, the Order of the Knights Templar (Order of the Temple) helped the Portuguese in battles against the Muslims. As a reward they received extensive lands and political power. Castles, churches and towns prospered under his protection.

In 1314 Pope Clement V suppressed the rich and powerful Temple order. In 1319 King Don Dinis assigned the Portuguese properties and privileges of the Templars to the newly founded Order of Christ, which thus became the continuation of the Temple in Portugal. However, the Order of Christ maintained a strong link with the Portuguese crown, which from the beginning claimed the right to appoint the Grand Master. The king appointed Esteban Soeiro, priest of the Order of the Holy Trinity and confessor of Queen Isabel, as first master and legislator of the Order of Christ. This religious composed the statutes that the knights of the militia had to observe and kept the position of master until pontifical approval by Pope John XXII in 1319.

* If used outdoors, please try to keep it the shortest time posible to high sun or rain to avoid banners life shorten.

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