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The spears

It has been used to hunt since prehistory, and it is one of the few weapons that has survived millennia of conflicts and raids across all cultures.

The notion that carved stone fragments unearthed in Africa, dating back 500,000 years, were used as spear points has been investigated.

The oldest intact spear specimens in Europe are a set of eight wooden spears discovered in a peat bog in Germany, which were most likely used by Homo heidelbergensis.

Bifaces were introduced to the points of spears during the Paleolithic period. Polished stones were also used in the Neolithic period.

It was usually made up of a metallic moharra and a wooden shaft during the Metal Age, Antiquity, and the Middle Ages. Until the emergence of firearms, it was the soldiers' primary weapon. It was dubbed the "queen of fighting weapons."

It was easy to make; it took little training to use properly; it could be used on foot or on horseback; it was throwing; and it permitted it to be used with one hand while holding a shield in the other, or with both hands to increase the strength of throws and leverage blows.

The Halberds

From the late Middle Ages through the early seventeenth century, it was a popular infantry weapon. The use of this weapon in infantry fights, which resulted in triumphs over soldiers with heavy cavalry, rebuilt armies and gave infantry a renewed sense of importance.

Its popularity was well-deserved, and many army and aristocracy elite bodies carried it in "ostentatious" variants, with certain military bodies still utilizing it as a ceremonial weapon in public events and military parades today. The Royal Spanish Halberdiers Guards and the Pontifical Swiss Guard currently employ this weapon not only ceremonially, but also as a combat weapon.

A halberdier was a soldier who carried a halberd as a weapon. The soldier who serves as an honor guard for the kings of Spain is also known as this. It is an elite unit of the Spanish Royal Guard that serves as direct guardians and protectors of the Royal Persons who are guarded and protected on foot.

Other polearms that were contemporaneous with the halberd and could be classified as members of its family include the glaive, archa, or partesan, which is equivalent to a halberd with a very large and wide iron in the shape of a crescent and sharp on both sides; and the Naginata, which was used by feudal Japan's Samurai. The Naginata, like the halberd, has a thinner, more streamlined blade than the halberd.

Medieval Spearhead with End Cap Medieval Spearhead with End Cap
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
This Medieval Spearhead with End Cap set includes a spearhead and tip cap, both made of carbon steel and richly plated in aged brass. Fits any 3 cm diameter handle...
62.81€ 73.90€
Ex Tax:51.91€
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