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The Crossbow : For piercing through hard things and shooting a long distance, and when struggling to defend mountain-passes, where much noise and impetuous strength must be stemmed, there is nothing like the crossbow for success. However, as the drawing (i.e. the arming) is slow, it is difficult to cope with sudden attacks. A crossbow can only be shot off [by a single man] three times before it comes to hand-to-hand weapons. Some have therefore thought crossbows inconvenient for fighting, but truly the inconvenience lay not in the crossbow itself but in the commanders, who did not know how to make use of crossbows. All the military theorists maintained that the crossbow had no advantage over hand-to-hand weapons, and they insisted on having long bills and great shields in the front line to repel the charge, and made the crossbowmen to carry sabres and long-hafted weapons. The result was that if the enemy adopted an open-order formation and attacked with hand-to-hand weapons, the soldiers would throw away their crossbows and have recourse to those also. A body of the rearguard was therefore detailed beforehand to go round and collect up the crossbows.

The bow : In the Middle Ages the English were famous for their very powerful longbows, used en masse to great effect against the French in the Hundred Years' War, with notable success at the battles of Crécy (1346), Poitiers (1356), and Agincourt (1415). During the reign of Edward III of England, laws were passed allowing fletchers and bowyers to be impressed into the army and enjoining them to practise archery. The dominance of the longbow on the battlefield continued until the French began to use cannon to break the formations of English archers at the Battle of Formigny (1450) and the Battle of Castillon (1453). Their use continued in the Wars of the Roses however and they survived as a weapon of war in England well beyond the introduction of effective firearms. The average length of arrow shafts recovered from the 1545 sinking of the Mary Rose is 75 cm/30 in. In 1588, the militia was called out in anticipation of an invasion by the Spanish Armada and it included many archers in its ranks; the Kent militia for instance, had 1,662 archers out of 12,654 men mustered.

Archer Glove Archer Glove
Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Archer Glove is meant to protect an archer's hands from the bowstring and arrow while in use. This glove covers the index finger to the thumb of the left or right hand and is handcrafted from durable chrome-tanned leather. When worn on the bow hand, this glove wraps around the bow and protects t..
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Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Archer Quiver is a stylish tapering quiver for carrying a supply of arrows on your trips. It's constructed of chrome-tanned plated-leather with a soft split-leather exterior and fits most LARP arrows. This quiver is adorned with ornamental split-leather patches to give it a more refined appearan..
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Arrow Fletching Arrow Fletching
Brand: IDV
iDV Engineering, the premier archery makers in the LARP market, created this Arrow Fletching for Larp Arrows. This flexible elastomer fletching is a replacement for your original and was designed to match iDV flathead and round head arrows and bolts. Simply put the rubber-like tube over the end of y..
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Brand: IDV
This Bow String is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. Comes in two lengths to match IDV's to lengths of bows.Available in 120 cms and 140 cms..
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Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms
Brand: Medio Evo
Reproduction on a scale of a ballesta, sometimes known as a pistol ballesta due to the fact that it arches once the tuerca is pressed. Considered an insidious weapon because it could easily be hidden in clothing, it was outlawed in the second half of the sixteenth century. Teniere de nacional fibra ..
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Crossbow Riffle Style, 56 cms Crossbow Riffle Style, 56 cms
Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow with riffle style, so named because of the teniere's unique design, which includes a stepped hump behind the nut and rifle butt. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it was popular in Europe for leisure uses such as shooting. It is classified as light due to its modest size. Teniere made of ..
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Decorative Crossbow with 47cms Decorative Crossbow with 47cms
Brand: Medio Evo
Because of the unique teniere that arches behind the click of the nut, the Balestrino is also known as the pistol crossbow. It was forbidden in the second part of the 16th century as an insidious weapon because it could be easily hidden in the garments. Teniere made of national strong fiber woo..
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Brand: Medio Evo
European crossbow typical of the first half of the fifteenth century which due to its small size was classified as light. The teniere is in national hard fiber wood with manual carving and floral decorations. The rope, made of intertwined hemp threads, is attached to the pointed ends of the steel ar..
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Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow from the first half of the 15th century in Europe. The teniere is made of national hard fiber wood with flower patterns and manual carving. The rope is comprised of braided hemp threads and is fastened to the steel arch's pointed ends, which are finished with leather. Burnished metal is use..
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Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Flat bow Large in wood color is a realistic bow that is a must-have for any archer planning to go to the battlefield. This 24-26 lb. bow is made with a fibreglass core and laminated wood surface to endure abuse while not having too much force to damage your companions. It has a leather grip for ..
Ex Tax:136.28€
Brand: Epic Armoury
Incredible Ready For Battle Bow that any person who want to experience the battlefield as an archer must have a bow. This bow's classic form allows it to be employed in a variety of genres and character types. This bow is made of fibreglass and laminated wood and is designed to survive the abuse of ..
Ex Tax:54.55€
Brand: Medio Evo
Rifle crossbow, so named because of the teniere's unique design, which includes a stepped hump behind the nut and rifle butt. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it was popular in Europe for leisure uses such as shooting. Due to its vast size, the version in question is classified as heavy. Teniere ..
Ex Tax:60.25€
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