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The term dagger does not emerge until the late Middle Ages, reflecting the fact that the dagger was known in antiquity but had been supplanted by the hewing knife or seax during the Early Middle Ages.

Hans Talhoffer's depiction of combat with the dagger (degen) (1467)

The dagger emerged in the 12th century as the "knightly dagger," or more correctly, the cross-hilt or quillon dagger, and by the late medieval period, it had evolved into a popular arm and tool for civilian usage.

The so-called "Guido relief" within Zürich's Grossmünster is the earliest known portrayal of a cross-hilt dagger (c. 1120). The Morgan Bible contains several illustrations of the fully evolved cross-hilt dagger (c. 1240). Many of these cross-hilt daggers have cross guards and pommels that look like small swords from the time period. Others, on the other hand, are not perfect replicas of known sword designs, with pommel caps, enormous hollow star shaped pommels on so-called "Burgundian Heraldic daggers," or antenna style cross and pommel, evocative of Hallstatt era daggers, for example. The cross-hilt style was popular during the Renaissance.

In the 13th century, the Old French term dague appears to have been used to refer to these weapons, along with synonyms like poignal and basilard. Since the 1380s, the Middle English dagger has been in use.

The dagger was frequently used as a secondary defense weapon in close combat during this time. In the 14th century, the knightly dagger evolved into the bigger baselard knife. Knights fighting on foot to support the infantry defensive line became quite common in the 14th century. This requires the use of more daggers. Archers used them to slay dismounted knights at Agincourt (1415) by pushing the tiny blades into helmet vents and other openings. The baselard was a cross between a short sword and a long dagger, and it gained popularity as a civilian weapon. A song satirizing the usage of enormous baselard knives as fashion accessories is recorded on Sloane MS. 2593 (c. 1400). Anelaces, which are a cross between a broad dagger and a short blade, were popular as civilian accessories in 14th century England, and were worn "hung by a ring from the waist."

Brand: Amont
Dagger with a black handle and a guard and pommel that are both nickel-colored. Celtic knot designs can be found on the grip and scabbard. Steel sheet measures 30 cm in length overall. The scabbard has nickel finishes over a black base...
Ex Tax:12.39€
Brand: Battlecry
Double edged war dagger with a 1065 high carbon steel blade tempered to -50s RC. Battle-hardened finish with a blue patina and full tang.Includes sheath, custom packaging and certificate of authenticity.War Dagger is a practical double-edged dagger, very suitable for facing armored or unarmored adve..
Ex Tax:113.97€
The spring steel blade, which is run through to the pommel and riveted there, is made entirely by hand. The straight crossguard and pommel are made of heat-treated, malleable cast iron. The sword has a sharp groove in the blade and a leather strap around the handle, which together give it tremendous..
Ex Tax:137.11€
The blade of our replica is forged from spring steel and goes through to the round cast iron pommel, where it is screwed invisibly. The handle is wrapped in leather and braided wire. The dagger also has a solid crossguard. The blade is hardened to approx. 48 HRC in oil. The dagger has a deep, rather..
Ex Tax:57.77€
Our replica's blade is made of spring steel and is unseen fastened into the pommel's spherical cast iron shape. Leather and braided wire are used to wrap the handle. The crossguard of the dagger is sturdy as well. In oil, the blade is hardened to about 48 HRC. The dagger has a substantial, lengthy g..
Ex Tax:41.24€
Replica of a single-handed high medieval sword with the distinctive pommel shape of a disc. The Normans were the first to employ this kind of blade, and it quickly became widespread during the Holy Crusades.This sword is made by hand. Iron has been used to forge the guard and pommel. The pommel and ..
Ex Tax:103.22€
Dagger of the Templars Dagger of the Templars
Brand: Amont
Exclusive Templar design dagger, the guard is finished in nickel and is complemented by a black embossed ornamentation that incorporates a little red shield and the nickel Templar cross. The handle is lined with black velvet. The dagger measures 54.5 centimeters in length overall. The sheath ha..
Ex Tax:33.05€
Brand: Amont
Exclusively designed Templar dagger, with a red velvet lining and a red Templar cross on the pommel completed in gold. The guard is finished in nickel with a gold and red embossed ornamentation, and it also has a little shield with the Templar cross in gold. It measures 54.5 centimeters in total.&nb..
Ex Tax:33.80€
Roman Gladius Dagger Damascus Roman Gladius Dagger Damascus
Brand: Amont
Roman Gladius dagger in burgundy with a pommel and guard colored in nickel and a brown handle with nickel stripes. The steel blade's overall length is 29.5 cm, and it has an imitation damascus pattern. The scabbard is brown with finishes that resemble nickel...
Ex Tax:11.16€
Small Viking Knife with Damascus Steel Blade Small Viking Knife with Damascus Steel Blade
Brand: SPQR
Small Viking Knife with Damascus Steel Blade and Wood-and-Bone Handle with Twin SerpentsThis hand-made Viking Age knife features a 256-layer Damascus steel* blade. The wooden handle is a real eye-catcher: The top part is crafted from bone and adorned on each side with a handsome motif of the Midgard..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Amont
Templar Dagger with the guard finished in dark nickel holding a shield with a red cross in the middle, the pommel completed with a dark nickel helmet, and the handle finished in black. Steel blade measures 40 centimeters in length overall. The scabbard's hardware is dark nickel and it is finished in..
Ex Tax:16.52€
Brand: Amont
Templar Dagger with a black handle and an antique bronze guard with two red crosses at the ends. The pommel is finished with an antique bronze helmet. Steel blade measures 40 centimeters in length overall. The scabbard has an antique bronze metallic finish with brown leatherette accents...
Ex Tax:16.12€
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