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The ax is a tool with a metal edge that is securely attached to a handle, usually made of wood, the purpose of which is to cut with blows.

The typical use for axes is to cut firewood and fell trees, but in the past they were used as weapons for hunting and warfare, especially by the Vikings, Normans, Amerindians, English, French, etc., which were used as a weapon ax and tomahawk from the Neolithic age, or throwing axes (Francisca, tomahawk).

The ax - Origin

The origin of the ax must be located in prehistory. Silica stones carved in the amygdaloid shape, and those of diorite or basalt polished at one or two ends, and sometimes with a notch in the middle, were fastened with strong ties to a stick, forming a right angle with it, and served as an offensive weapon in the fights between men or against wild animals. The hammer axes from Denmark are very notable, with a hole in the center.

In the Bronze Age, axes similar to the Neolithic ones were made of this metal or copper, casting them in stone molds. The copper axes were also tied to a pole, by means of grooves and a handle, or were attached to it by means of a kind of tube that acted as a handle. Both the Persians and the Egyptians used bronze or iron axes as weapons of combat, since some have been found in Pharaonic tombs and others are represented in paintings. Likewise, they were also used by the pre-Hellenic peoples, as shown by the finds made in the excavations of Troy.

The Greeks hardly used them. The Romans used them a lot to cut the limbs of the auxiliary troops and as a distinctive of the lictors, who carried the double-edged ax within their fasces. It was also a weapon of the Germans and the Franks, and in the Middle Ages it was very much in vogue in the European armies, keeping much resemblance to the tool of the same name. But from the end of the fourteenth century it took the double form of spear and ax, later confused with the halberd. Towards the middle or end of the seventeenth century it ceased to be a popular combat weapon in Europe, except in the navy, with the so-called boarding ax.

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Heavy hand-forged axe made of high-quality carbon steel. The blade is sharpened.Delivery includes sturdy wooden handle...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Brand: Battlecry
Functional Combat Axe - Orleans belongs to the exclusive Battlecry Collection manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. Designed to be used and manufactured from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened finish, battle hardened, extra wide shank and 50 RC tempered. This pre-sharpened blade has passed rigor..
Ex Tax:100.74€
A beautiful hand-forged ax with 352 Damascus steel layers.Damascus steel, often known as Damascus steel or just Damascus, is a composite steel made up of two or more types of steel. The name is derived from Damascus, Syria, which is regarded as the former stronghold and birthplace of Damascus steel ..
Ex Tax:157.02€
Brand: Cold Steel
The thin blade of the Cold Steel® Viking Great Axe has been hand-sharpened to an amazing sharpness and is impressively lengthy. It has a sturdy 25 cm (10 in) cutting surface that ends in two pointed horns or horn-like projections. The slightly shorter bottom point was intended to hook and immobilize..
Ex Tax:178.43€
Danish AxeWith hand-forged, heavy blade from premium high carbon steel for better resistance.Great for small work (hard hitting can damage wood handle).The blade is sharpened...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Brand: Kit Rae
The highly popular Swords of the Ancients collection, created in 1997, has become legendary the world over among collectible sword enthusiasts who want only the finest designs and highest quality. Each features a tempered 420J2 blade and highly detailed antique finished metal handle parts, all made ..
Ex Tax:181.81€
Medieval Ax of the Crusades Medieval Ax of the Crusades
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
The ax was the hand weapon of choice for the medieval knight, especially during the Crusades. This sturdy weapon features a large, expertly sharpened blade that is pierced with a large cross. The blade is riveted to the hardwood shaft and has tabs on both sides for additional protection. The handle ..
122.31€ 143.90€
Ex Tax:101.09€
Medieval Axe "Marto" Medieval Axe "Marto"
-10 %
Brand: Marto
The ax was one of the weapons used in the Middle Ages. Its versatility made it used in numerous warlike tactics. It was used in close combat, to carry out assaults, as a defensive weapon, to stop the cavalry, as a throwing weapon.Its great variety in shapes and sizes made it used in many situations...
79.20€ 88.00€
Ex Tax:65.45€
Medieval Battle Axe used around 1460. This type of axe was especially popular amoung cavalry units involved in close combat.Overall length: approx. 73 cmBlade length: approx. 20 cmMax. blade width: approx. 14.5 cmWeight: approx. 1.4 kg..
Ex Tax:41.24€
Hand-forged, heavy carbon steel, Medieval Double Axe with Blade covers. The blade is sharpened. With unsharpened blade this axe is battle-ready.Delivery includes two leather blade covers as well as sturdy wooden handle.Length overall: approx. 85 cmMax. Width: approx. 28 cmWeight: approx. 2.1 kg..
Ex Tax:70.99€
Medieval Throwing Axe Francisca Medieval Throwing Axe Francisca
-15 %
Brand: Windlass
This Francisca ax is a beautiful example of a type of Frankish weapon used during the early part of the Middle Ages. The Germanic armies also carried such an ax into battle and it was used both in hand-to-hand combat as a lethal throwing weapon.Our design has a rustic forging finish on the blade and..
38.16€ 44.90€
Ex Tax:31.54€
Decorative replica of a medieval war axe, used primarily by German mercenaries in the 14th century.Overall length including wooden shaft: approx. 69 cmBlade length: approx. 14.5 cmWeight: approx. 1.1 kg..
Ex Tax:41.24€
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