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Buy Medieval Weapons ᐉ Bows and Crossbows, Spears and Halberds, Axes, Daggers, Hammers and Maces, Pistols and Revolvers

We offer more than just swords at Medieval Armoury. In this category you can find several types of Medieval Weapons. We showcase Bows and Crossbows, Apears and Halberds, Pistols and Revolvers, Axes Daggers, Maces and Hammers and we are still adding new products and categories everyday. 

Our selection of Medieval Weapons goes from battle-ready, medieval reenactment, larp, decorative and fantastic.

How can we help you decide the best weapon to buy? Let´s us guide you.
Archer Glove Archer Glove
Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Archer Glove is meant to protect an archer's hands from the bowstring and arrow while in use. This glove covers the index finger to the thumb of the left or right hand and is handcrafted from durable chrome-tanned leather. When worn on the bow hand, this glove wraps around the bow and protects t..
Ex Tax:16.45€
Brand: Epic Armoury
Our Archer Quiver is a stylish tapering quiver for carrying a supply of arrows on your trips. It's constructed of chrome-tanned plated-leather with a soft split-leather exterior and fits most LARP arrows. This quiver is adorned with ornamental split-leather patches to give it a more refined appearan..
Ex Tax:49.50€
Arrow Fletching Arrow Fletching
Brand: IDV
iDV Engineering, the premier archery makers in the LARP market, created this Arrow Fletching for Larp Arrows. This flexible elastomer fletching is a replacement for your original and was designed to match iDV flathead and round head arrows and bolts. Simply put the rubber-like tube over the end of y..
Ex Tax:1.90€
Heavy hand-forged axe made of high-quality carbon steel. The blade is sharpened.Delivery includes sturdy wooden handle...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Brand: IDV
This Bow String is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. Comes in two lengths to match IDV's to lengths of bows.Available in 120 cms and 140 cms..
Ex Tax:12.31€
Brand: Amont
Dagger with a black handle and a guard and pommel that are both nickel-colored. Celtic knot designs can be found on the grip and scabbard. Steel sheet measures 30 cm in length overall. The scabbard has nickel finishes over a black base...
Ex Tax:12.39€
Brand: Battlecry
Functional Combat Axe - Orleans belongs to the exclusive Battlecry Collection manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. Designed to be used and manufactured from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened finish, battle hardened, extra wide shank and 50 RC tempered. This pre-sharpened blade has passed rigor..
Ex Tax:100.74€
Brand: Battlecry
Double edged war dagger with a 1065 high carbon steel blade tempered to -50s RC. Battle-hardened finish with a blue patina and full tang.Includes sheath, custom packaging and certificate of authenticity.War Dagger is a practical double-edged dagger, very suitable for facing armored or unarmored adve..
Ex Tax:113.97€
Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms
Brand: Medio Evo
Reproduction on a scale of a ballesta, sometimes known as a pistol ballesta due to the fact that it arches once the tuerca is pressed. Considered an insidious weapon because it could easily be hidden in clothing, it was outlawed in the second half of the sixteenth century. Teniere de nacional fibra ..
Ex Tax:13.14€
Crossbow Riffle Style, 56 cms Crossbow Riffle Style, 56 cms
Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow with riffle style, so named because of the teniere's unique design, which includes a stepped hump behind the nut and rifle butt. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it was popular in Europe for leisure uses such as shooting. It is classified as light due to its modest size. Teniere made of ..
Ex Tax:32.98€