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Horse Caparison, Portugal 1139 | Medieval Caparisons

Horse Caparison, Portugal 1139 | Medieval Caparisons

Our caparisons are manufactured in Spain, by Medieval Armoury, and they are manufactured in 100% cotton for the comfort of the horse himself.

This caparison features the coat of arms from Portugal during 1139 to 1247.

We also can easely personalize it with your own Medieval Coat of Arms, Heraldic shield, etc.

A caparison is a cloth covering laid over a horse or other animal for protection and decoration. In modern times, they are used mainly in parades and for historical reenactments. A similar term is horse-trapper. The word is derived from the Latin caparo, meaning a cape.

General Specifications
Material 100% Cotton
Size 135cms x 192cms

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