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Medieval Camp Warmer Basket | Wought Iron

Medieval Camp Warmer Basket | Wought Iron

This Camp Warmer with Metal Tray is a Roman inspired fire basket, designed for camping use on open ground, this camp warmer can be used to provide fire or light to your freezing sentries. The steel base is a 40 cm wide tray with a metal grip top, fitted to a steel fire basket reinforced with a metal ring at the top.

Use this camp warmer by adding firewood to the basket, allowing the ashes to fall safely into the tray underneath while they burn. Its large size allows for a big enough fire to produce good light and warmth, without being so large as to be unmoveable. Use this camp warmer to improve the immersion and practicality of your camp.


  • Also referred to as a brazier, which have been recovered from as early as 824 B.C.
  • Braziers were used for light, warmth, cooking, and even some rituals
General Specifications
Material Wrought Iron
Height 57 cms
Weight 500 grs
Size Circumference : 40 cms

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