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The use of belts has been documented for men's and women's clothing since the Bronze Age. Medieval and Scandinavian / Viking era made use of medieval belts to hold clothes or to carry their weapons together with tahalis. Since then, both sexes have worn it or taken it off, depending on the fashion of the moment, but it has been a rarity in women's fashion except for the early Middle Ages.

In Medieval Armoury, we try to give our medieval leather belts the old aspect in the design, but using high quality products for the manufacture.

You can use our medieval belts just for decoración and complement of your meduieval outfit or combined with our leather tahalis, you can transport your sword or axes with it.

Anglo-Saxon Great Belt Anglo-Saxon Great Belt
Based on the storied Sutton Hoo find, this strong belt was designed. The massive, intricately crafted brass buckle is an exact replica of the original golden buckle from the boat tomb, which is on display for visitors to admire at the British Museum in London. It is made up of three parts: a tongue ..
Ex Tax:82.64€
Late Roman Centurion Belt Late Roman Centurion Belt
This is an exact copy of a centurion's (the officer in charge of a squad of 100 Roman legions' troops) late Roman belt (cingulum).The belt has 10 spindle-shaped brass ornaments and a large, multi-part belt buckle. It is constructed of approximately 3 mm thick brown cowhide. The belt also has two met..
Ex Tax:120.58€
Medieval belt exclusive model of Medieval Armoury, in black or brown leather.This belt is manufactured by artisans in Europe exclusive for Medieval Armoury. Made in Spain with real leather.Available sizes:110 cms120 cms130 cms140 cmsAvailable Colors :BlackBrown..
Ex Tax:16.52€
Medieval belt exclusive model of Medieval Armory, in black or brown leather. This belt should be worn dropped forward, as it was characteristic in medieval times.This belt is manufactured by artisans in Europe exclusive for Medieval Armoury. Made in Spain with real leather. It features a buckle, but..
Ex Tax:20.58€
Medieval Greek Leather Belt Medieval Greek Leather Belt
Apron belt with metal ornaments. It can be closed with a belt loop.This medieval belt is inspired on the findings from greeks.Colour: blackMetal brass ornamentsLength: approx. 132 cm1.8mm -2.2mm thick leatherWeight: approx. 1.7 kg..
Ex Tax:66.03€
Medieval Leather Belt with Ring Medieval Leather Belt with Ring
Medieval Leather Belt with Brass Ring, approx. 190 cm long, in 3 diferent colours.Crafted from cowhide and designed after high-medieval models, this belt is sturdy. The length of this leather belt allows it to be tied in a traditional medieval knot at the waist.Material: cowhideAvailable colours: br..
Ex Tax:22.23€
Roman Legionary Belt Roman Legionary Belt
This is an exact copy of a Roman Legionary Belt. All fittings, buckles and pugio holders have been redesigned for utmost authenticity.Length of belt: approx. 115 cmWeight: approx. 0.85 kg..
Ex Tax:173.47€
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