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Axes have been essential weapons and tools for survival since prehistoric times, and they have remained a significant cutlery item in modern times.

Axes were one of the most prominent and common weapons in the Middle Ages. It was used on the battlefield as well as being a crucial everyday tool for surviving the tough life in the field. A powerful weapon capable of wreaking havoc on armor and the human body.

Visit our catalog to get the best medieval axes on the market, at the best rates, from the best sources. For your medieval reenactment, purchase a medieval axe.

Heavy hand-forged axe made of high-quality carbon steel. The blade is sharpened.Delivery includes sturdy wooden handle...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Brand: Battlecry
Functional Combat Axe - Orleans belongs to the exclusive Battlecry Collection manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. Designed to be used and manufactured from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened finish, battle hardened, extra wide shank and 50 RC tempered. This pre-sharpened blade has passed rigor..
Ex Tax:100.74€
Brand: Windlass
The ax was the hand weapon of choice for the medieval knight, especially during the Crusades. This sturdy weapon features a large, expertly sharpened blade that is pierced with a large cross. The blade is riveted to the hardwood shaft and has tabs on both sides for additional protection. The handle ..
Ex Tax:118.93€
Medieval Axe "Marto" Medieval Axe "Marto"
-10 %
Brand: Marto
The ax was one of the weapons used in the Middle Ages. Its versatility made it used in numerous warlike tactics. It was used in close combat, to carry out assaults, as a defensive weapon, to stop the cavalry, as a throwing weapon.Its great variety in shapes and sizes made it used in many situations...
79.20€ 88.00€
Ex Tax:65.45€
Brand: Windlass
This Francisca ax is a beautiful example of a type of Frankish weapon used during the early part of the Middle Ages. The Germanic armies also carried such an ax into battle and it was used both in hand-to-hand combat as a lethal throwing weapon.Our design has a rustic forging finish on the blade and..
Ex Tax:37.11€
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