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John Lee

Brand: John Lee
Hand-forged samurai sword from the John Lee series. Masterpieces of asian swordcrafthandforged from carbon steel and traditionally hardenedthe blades were folded 12 times (8000 layers) and display lovely damascus propertiesthe sharpened blade has a fuller for weight reductionthe hilt (tsuka) is made..
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Brand: John Lee
The Tsuba of the John Lee Dragon Wakizashi is in the shape of a dragon encircling the sword. Unlike in Europe, the dragon plays a particularly significant role in Japan, where this mythical creature is said to bring good fortune.Blade in Shinogi-Zukuri-style with fuller (Bo-Hi), hand-forged out of 1..
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Brand: John Lee
A well-matched Wakizashi to the John Lee Imori Katana is now available. The hand-forged, sharpened edge is made of hardened carbon steel. The hilt is wrapped with dark blue cotton in traditional Katate-style completed with original ray skin. The ornaments (Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira, Menuki) show a golde..
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Brand: John Lee
Bamboo is referred to as Zaza in Japanese. It is a sign of growth and purity because of its straight form and fresh green hue. It's also seen as a symbol of good fortune in Japanese culture.The blade is forged from stainless 420 steel and is not honed, making it light and well-balanced. In a traditi..
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Brand: John Lee
The Red Wood Iaito is now available as a Wakizashi to match the katana. The name comes from the matt, red-brown lacquered scabbard, which still has the grain of the wood evident.The Redwood Forest The Shinogi-Zukuri style Iaito Wakizashi has a hand-forged blunt blade with a groove (Bo-Hi) made of 42..
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