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Brand: Condor
It's about time Condor did a Falchion Sword. After all, the falchion style is, at its core, a cross between a machete and a sword. No expense was spared with this version, working hard to make sure the balance was on point with historical models, measuring museum references, while still keeping it e..
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Brand: Condor
The blade from this Naval Cutlass is made of 1075 High Carbon steel. The edge is hand finished and polished to a razor sharpness. The hardwood handles are made from hard woods of Central America, similar to Hickory. It is finished with a smooth grip and is known for its long durability. The Naval Cu..
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Brand: Condor
The Sinbad Scimitar Sword's blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel that has been heat-treated and annealed to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. The edge is hand-polished to a razor-sharp perfection. The exposed metal component of the blade is sand or bead blasted to create the blasted satin finish. The..
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Brand: Condor
Designed for people who aren't looking for mountains, but rather possibilities! An explorer and the mountain construct a pass together employing talent, determination, nature's openings, and the correct tools while tackling any outdoor obstacle. The new Condor Mountain Pass Series is designed to ass..
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