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Cold Steel

Brand: Cold Steel
This clever hatchet is small enough to not be a "pain," but large enough to chop and cut well. It's an excellent accessory/tool to have with you on any outdoor excursion.It has the same clamp-like locking mechanism as the camp axe from Cold Steel®, and a blade shape that has been shown to be excepti..
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Brand: Cold Steel
Dueling was at its peak in popularity by the mid-1600s. In fact, dueling was forbidden by King Louis XIII of France because he was afraid of losing too many of his key dignitaries to this dangerous sport!Aristocratic noblemen considered it as their masculine duty to protect their honor with a sword,..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The Damascus Viking Sword is hand-forged from Cold Steel®'s finest Damascus steel and comes fully sharpened and ready for battle. It includes some superb appointments, each featuring a beautiful wooden grip and a classically styled guard and pommel made from brass and steel, sandwiched in the ancien..
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Brand: Cold Steel
For centuries, martial artists have known a simple truth: if your ultimate goal is to safely and effectively wield a sharp blade, you must supplement your training with a tool that approximates the size, feel, and heft of a blade while minimizing the risk of causing grievous, permanent injury to you..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The Gold Lion Wakizashi mirrors the materials, fit and finish of its larger brother (Gold Lion Katana) in every way except size. It is equally light and fast, and with the same high-quality materials, but at a fraction of the size, making it an exquisite companion piece to the Gold Lion Katana, or a..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The reconstruction of Cold Steel®´s Italian Longsword is based on an Italian philosophy of sword design. Although the blade and balance favor thrusting assaults, the cutting edges are also incredibly powerful. With its long downturned cross guard, leather-over-wood grip, and counterbalancing fish-ta..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The crane is a popular emblem in Japan, representing luck, longevity, loyalty, and strength. Cold Steel® believed it was only fitting to include the Crane as a motif when crafting a new series to add to the long-standing and world-renowned line-up of Japanese blades.In every manner save size, the Mi..
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Brand: Cold Steel
Cold Steel's Scimitar is a true Eastern gem, inspired by extremely ornamental antique Persian blades.The blade is highly polished with a wide, deep fuller and is profoundly bent to facilitate the devastating draw cut. It is well balanced and hand-honed to a sharp edge from expertly heat-treated 1065..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The Highland clansman's iconic sword, the Scottish Broadsword, features a large, double-edged blade and a recognizable basket hilt. This sword has proven to be more than a match for enemy warriors on battlefields all around the world when used with targe and dirk.Cold Steel® has decided to create it..
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Brand: Cold Steel
We would be hard-pressed to think of a more versatile or effective sword than Cold Steel®'s Bastard or Hand-and-a-half Sword we offer here. For a sword of this size, it is amazingly light (slightly less than 1.4 kg) and fast.Its 85 cm long blade is quite wide so it can cut deep, yet pointed enough t..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The suburito is a unique ancient training weapon designed to mimic the weight of a real Japanese sword. It was designed primarily for solo practice or cutting drills, and it commands respect due to its tremendous force.A wooden suburito in Aikido 5th Dan Andrew Demko's private collection inspired Co..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The Tactical Axe with Spike was designed by the famous custom knife maker Andrew Demko. It features a single piece of super-tough carbon steel with a chopping blade on one side and a robust spike on the other.It includes a patented articulated sheath that’s easy to attach or remove and provides prot..
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