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Longbow, 200cms| Bows and Crossbows

Longbow, 200cms| Bows and Crossbows

The legendary longbow. The same type that Robin Hood and the majority of the English army used in the 'olden days.' While a recurve bow is quick and strong, a longbow allows your arrow to fly straighter and for a longer distance. So rely on your trusty Epic Armoury LARP Long Bow if it's more favorable to fire your attack from afar.

This amazing bow, made of wood and fiberglass, has a genuine medieval appearance and can be used by both right- and left-handed fighters. It is based on the ancient medieval English Yew longbow and evokes the feeling of a time when shrewd Yeowmen used to win wars for their King.

The light wood finish on this LARP bow is attractive, and the fiberglass points are black. The grip is formed with a laced-up, leather-look wrap. This fiberglass and wood longbow is a terrific weapon for any LARP combatant to have on hand, whether you're aiming for a bullseye on the target or taking out an opponent from afar.

This bow's draw weight is around 27 lb (+/- 3 lb) / 13 kilograms / 448 oz. A 28" shaft was used to create this model. The bow comes with a Dacron string.

Please note that because this item is made of natural materials, the look may differ somewhat from the image, and the draw weight may vary by up to 3 pounds above or below the indicated number.

General Specifications
Material Wood and Fiberglass
Length Unstrung Length: 200cms
Weight 705 grs

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